Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Blogger* alisa logue... you won the Ikea cards!! Please email me!!
* My scrapbook room is featured in the Making Memories Blog... check it out.
*My desk is from Ikea... even though I don't see it online any more or in the 2 Ikeas we visit from time to time.
* All the girls in the USA... I hope you VOTED today! : )
*This is a little sneak peek at my next project for the Christmas Class. If you only knew how cute cute cute this project is!!! You will be clapping your hands and jump up and down. I will also be giving away some Ikea (mini) Christmas lights with my next project on Thursday (that I used with my first project). So make sure you are in class and ready!! : ) Today I am making a little Photoshop tutorial also for my class Thursday - as a BONUS.

A note about the Christmas class:
- It's an online class.
- I am one of 6 instructors... the other 5 is AMAZING!
- No cut off date for this class... the class notes are posted everyday so you can go back and get them all!
- No limit on the amount of registrants... I think 6 teaches can handle lots! : )
- Everyday a brand new project with downloads/printable. How cool is that? Times that by 30 days.

Excited? I am! A thought for today: Rom 8:
39 Nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Love and a kiss



Katy said...

I just signed up Wilna ... I couldn't resist any longer! I can't wait to get my log in and get started. Thanks for posting your sneaks ... they totally tempted me enough to sign up!

alisa logue said...

Thank you so much Wilna! I emailed you! Looking forward to seeing peeks of your Christmas class! -Alisa

Paula Clare said...

Hi Wilna! I am holding off on creating your tree until I find out if I can win the Ikea lights! I am loving the class...your stuff is always WONDERFUL! Hugs!

Paula Clare