Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Beautiful day.

Yesterday we went to Saskatoon to finish up some shopping. Actually I went down there to buy some Cookie boxes for the cookies I bake every year! I am so excited to do this. Next Monday is bake day! we went to lunch at Calories and had a beautiful meal. And it was snowing these big fluffy snowflakes. Beautiful. That's what this page is all about. : )
Tomorrow night is our School Christmas concert and I am so excited to make the pages!!

Tell me today what's happening in your life!
Much love and kisses


Grammy and Olivia said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I am just getting ready to leave work early and go on our town's Historical Society Christmas Tour of Homes. It is always so much fun to see how others decorate for the season.

Dee said...

Hello - we don't know each other and I can't even begin to tell you how amazing your work is and I love love love that you always back up your day/thoughts, etc with scriptures!!! Great verses on Joy - I was reminded that being JoyFul is our choice! Since you asked what was happening, I am going to attempt to put a button on my blog that I just started - so we'll see how that goes!
Thanks for being so inspiring!

Jan Connair (Magpie) said...

Today after yoga class I had lunch with an old friend, tried to finish up my Christmas shopping, then went home and put some beef burgundy in the crockpot for dinner. In the evening we had the first of 2 school band concerts, followed by choir practice for dh and me. And finally now I am home with my feet up. Busy but fun!

Linda said...

wow it seems like you had an amaizing day.... I took the girls' chihuahua to get spayed :o( I finish wrapping the girls' Christmass gifts and made another shopping list for some of the other family members...and some homework............

Anonymous said...

Another day in Africa. We put up the CHristmas tree last night and I took photo's to scrap on to your pages which are just so beautiful. Have to finish decorating for Christmas today and I haven't even started on the shopping. Yesterday was the last day at Creche so we mad Christmas cupcakes and they were beautiful and the teachers loved that we did something special for all of them.

Love from a hot and humid Joburg

caro said...

Hello Wilna,
LOVE your shiny button protea in the centre of the page! and how this all looks on the brown paper.

I am on HOLIDAY@home with my TWO!
We are eating stollen cake for breakfast, and will go to AIT twice today to train Katy's hearing. This, until Friday. Later we are going to make some wreaths with that plastic clay that dries so light & strong, and tie lots of toffees in shiny colours around it. We have decided that we all like toffees.
Yes, Boo, hot & humid, indeed. Lovin' the brightness of summer.

Anonymous said...

Anja woke up with a rash on her stomach, but lukily it'n nothing serious, just a bug bite, according to our GP. Now the girls have friends over to play, also 2 sisters, and they are having fun! I've had to put on a plaster, make lunch, dish out drinks, watch them at the swimming pool, etc.! Once again, hot & humid in Jo'ies!
love - ingrid

Juel said...

Today I'm hoping to get my scrapcorner cleaned up, do a little bit of Christmas shopping and maybe even finally put up some Christmas things.
This year it seems to be very difficult for me to get into the Christmas spirit but I'm trying.