Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I am so sweet...

I am almost sick of it! That comes from tasting cookies, icing, and dough for 3 days!! But I had so much fun! And at last I have a quiet morning (listening to this!! it's amazing!!) and catching up on my Christmas journal!

Can I just say that I still love the Christmas Journal pages! I added a video to the Christmas blog explaining how to use the files with photoshop... (for those who just started) Go and check it out!
You can see the pages I have completed HERE.

I want to show you how I "built" the picture on the our anniversary page (see previous post). Tia took the picture of us and we were in such a rush that I didn't light it correctly and the result was a terrible picture. But it was the only picture I had. I was determined to make it work.
1. Pick the picture you want to use and the one you want to use a s a back ground
2. Using the Selection tool brush (shift+A), select the subject you want to cut out (in this case the 2 of us) * Click auto-enhance in the options bar to have Elements assist you with automatically refining your selection by implementing an algorithm. * Drag or paint the area you want to "cut out". * to add to the selection press the shift key while dragging across your unwanted image areas. * To delete from your selection press the alt (option for mac) key while dragging across the unwanted image areas.
3. After you are satisfied with the selection, click COPY. Open a new file with a transparent background and click PASTE.
4. Using the selection tool, drag the image over the background image and VIOLA!
5. I did run a "coffee with cream" action on our photo to lighten it up a little

Then last night I read the most beautiful Psalm in the message Bible. Psalm 138 1-3 Thank you! Everything in me says "Thank you!" Angels listen as I sing my thanks. I kneel in worship facing your holy temple and say it again: "Thank you!" Thank you for your love, thank you for your faithfulness; Most holy is your name, most holy is your Word.The moment I called out, you stepped in; you made my life large with strength. 4-6 When they hear what you have to say, God, all earth's kings will say "Thank you." They'll sing of what you've done: "How great the glory of God!"And here's why: God, high above, sees far below;no matter the distance, he knows everything about us.

Have a blessed day!
Love and a kiss


Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary!!

ps. Thanks for the link to those actions - they look awesome!!!

steph said...

That looks so cool! I have got to try this! It seems like I've been getting terrible shots these days.

AND...I was wondering...do you usually drink tall or grande starbucks?

Linda said...

Beautiful LO...... your girls are gorgeous, great pictures too

Tamara Nicole said...

I'm loving your layout! It's been so busy I haven't scrapped forever, but you inspire me so hopefully I'll get to it soon:-). Thank you!