Thursday, December 18, 2008

a few things...

1. I made a Christmas candle tray... on display @ the Making Memories Blog.
2. This is my dream. This would be the ultimate thing for me in life. (except loving God of course). I sat watching this and tears were streaming down my face. How incredible. How creative. How absolutely sublime.
3. More about Marcus Bell.
4. Cliff Mautner

love you. pray more than you sleep.


jenjock1 said...

oh wilna. those photographs absolutely moved me. that man just gets it. and i too had tears.

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear Wilna,
Forgot to go online on Sunday and wish you & Josias Happy Anniversary! So belated Happy Anniversary from all of us Mason's. We love you!

me said...

HI my friend. Where is the talk thingie gone.... now I have to start to :-) again

Anonymous said...

My liewe aarde, maar daardie troufoto's is om oor te huil. Dit is beautiful!!!!
Maak my sommer lus om weer my eie troufoto's uit te ruk & iets daarmee te doen!!!
Liefde, baie, ingrid

Maryna said...

hey girl
haven't been here in a while and what a suprise.. loved the page with kirsten's faces, tia's angelic countenance and you 2!! happy and blossoming as always! and then the wedding pics, the Word and the tray.. oh my, it is like a whole weeks insperation in one page. well done, as always.
love you

Char said...

WOW !! That Marcus Bell is absolutely wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!! Wilna, May you and your family have the merriest Christmas!! Char

DeniseLynn said...

Ooooo love your candle tray! Your he{art} inspires me so.