Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Being fruitful

In today's times we are always busy. busy busy busy. Yet God doesn't call us to be busy, but to be fruitful. Matt 12: 33"If you grow a healthy tree, you'll pick healthy fruit. If you grow a diseased tree, you'll pick worm-eaten fruit. The fruit tells you about the tree. So, I have been challenged to spend my time wisely and energize myself to be as fruitful as possible. Little things like choosing to listen to Christian spirit filled music rather than listening to mainstream music. I do occasionally listen to mainstream, but I would say 95% of the time I fill my heart and my soul with music that gives life. Sometimes I find myself in the middle of the night waking up and certain lyrics are echoing in my mind. Lyrics that gives peace.
I also love to listen to teachings while I work in the day. It's such a productive time to spend time. What are you reading? I had to ask myself that over and over... is it giving me life? Is it helping me to "grow up"? Or is it mindless and just steals time? I will maybe one day write how God -ever so gently- dealt with my reading habits a few years ago.

My point?

To be just busy sucks the life and peace out of us. To be fruitful gives back into our hearts making us ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses inner strength into us. And the wonderful promise: John 15: 16"You didn't choose me, remember; I chose you, and put you in the world to bear fruit, fruit that won't spoil. As fruit bearers, whatever you ask the Father in relation to me, he gives you.

Peace to you. everyday of your life.


MandieGirl said...

Thank you for this word. You're right on! I don't want to be busy. I'd rather be efficient and fruitful. :) Thanks, friend.

Stefanie said...

I particularly love Don Francisco and Ray Boltz and have 4 other christian cd's in my car.
Too true.

Anonymous said...

Hi my dear friend Wilna!
We had a BIG day today! Anja started Grade 1, and Talitha went to "big school" where she's attending grade 00. Both of them were absolute stars, no crying!
But then I arrived home, and the first e-mail I opened was from a client who really harrassed me, and accused me (and my shop) of all kinds of nasty things (which by the way is not true). So she really managed to turn my day upside down! I still need to reply to the email, but for now I'm really praying about it, because I know I need to be a fruit bearer in these circumstances too!
love you - ingrid

Jan Connair said...

Interesting thoughts, Wilna. I think I like at least some of my time to be sort of mindless and fruitless. But I also agree that there is plenty of time I spend that is busy, but not getting me anywhere--not closer to God, not closer to others, not closer to a clean house (;-D). So I am going to give some thought to how I could improve that situation. Thanks for planting the seed of thought in my mind!

pink said...

So true. We are right now in the midst of finishing building our new home. It's been crazy busy. Painting, staining, varnishing...on top of an already busy life.

But it's a season. And in 3-4 weeks we will be in our new house. PTL! :)

I work at our church 3-4 days per week and even kingdom building careers can be unfruitful if we do not first fill ourselves with what God has for us. Then from our overflow......from our fruit....we can serve.

I love the book title by Bill Hybels, "Too Busy Not To Pray."

jacki janse van rensburg said...

thanks for giving me something to mull over today...

Melanie said...

Wilna, thank you so much for your blog. I know that your life is not perfect or always wonderful ecause no one's ever is, but still you daily lift up adoration and praise to God, and in doing so present this daily hope and inspiration to those of us who check your blog. Thank you for keeping it real with God, and for being bold in your faith.