Thursday, January 15, 2009


I am thankful to God for this child. I know for sure everyone in our family is. She provides the most laughs in our home. This is her sneaking into my studio and taking pictures in photo booth.
We had friends over a while ago and they showed us Achmed on youtube. Jana LOVES fridge food like cherries, raw green peppers, cucumbers, basically any raw food. But the thing is she can't stop until it's all done. The other day Jana was eating cherries out of the fridge. Jaku and I was sitting in our living room drinking coffee and saw her sneaking into the fridge. Jaku said to her that she can have one cherry now and another one in an hour's time. She acknowledged him and then the next moment she looked at him and said: "Silence! I kill you!" imitating Achmed exactly. Jaku, Tia, Kirstin and I howled from laughter. Jana came up to us and said: " what's that noise? Laughter? I have never heard of it"
we lost it. totally.
She is 7 years old. I just want to add that she was just being funny and did not mean it disrespectful... she knows the difference.

I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose. ~Woody Allen



Lacintha said...

ROFL..Oh my goodness!
Wilna, that is for the giggles, sweetie :)

Juel said...

Oh yes, I know the humor you talk of. My daughter is 13 and can also recite Achmed! All the time!! I think everyone needs a child of laughter in their family.

Grammy and Olivia said...

Just looking at her makes you want to smile.

Grammy and Olivia said...

Just looking at her makes you want to smile.

Jan Connair said...

I have never seen Achmed--maybe I'll have to do some browsing on YouTube later.

It is wonderful when a child says something that truly cracks you up, don't you think? It's funny, but there is also a feeling of wonder that you get as a parent, like, "wow, is this sweet funny person the one who was my little baby just a few short years ago?!!!"

Michelle Ramsay said...

Ha ha ha,I can just picture the scene. Ahmed is soooooo funny especially when he says that!!

Terry A said...

Yes, our family loves Jeff Dunham as well! My son sang Jingle Bombs all through the holidays! I had to balance it with regular carols. He is only 10 and is really good at whipping out those little zingers from achmed just like your daughter-so spontaneous and right on the mark! too funny!Don't you just love the comedic part of their personalities!
Terry A from Arkansas, USA

Anonymous said...


They always seem to do it on exactly the right time!!! Kids are so much a gift directly from God...

Your blog means sooooo much to me, can't wait to read it everyday!!! (all the way from South Africa)!

Since the 07 Convention in SA I have been following your blog and I don't think I would have came through all my hardships without all your scriptures....

Thank you so much
Charmaine T

Linda said...

She is gorgeous Gob Bless her..... Wow I thought she was older, she is my Kyara's age and yest it is a wonderful age its like they find out how they really are It is so amaizing how they go through the transformation.......... Kyara is 7 going on 18 she loves makeup and dressing up I bet that Jana does too????? God bless you and your gorgeous family.

Anonymous said...

yup Achmed is soooo FUNNY, well done little Jana for having such a good sense of humour at your age - Wilna, she is too precious.Somedays they make you mad and somedays you just want to cry because you love them So much.

xxx Boo

caro said...

our geoff also brought Achmed into our family. Crazy funny stuff. (many a true word...)

As for Jana, I am convinced that humour is the highest form of intelligence! Wonderful to enjoy!!!

Going on a heart cookiecutter hunt, as well as school stationery - K is changing schools on Monday. please pray.

Anonymous said...

What a joy it is to have a child like that! We too are blessed with our Talitha. She is so different to the rest of us, and we embrace that. What a joy they are!
Love - ingrid

Melissa said...

Oh that is too funny! Did you know that Jeff Durham (the 'voice' of achmed) is going to be in Saskatoon in a couple of weeks? That would be a funny show.

I think I saw you in Starbucks today! I didnt come say hi because I was all stinky from just being at the I wasnt sure if you would remember who I was! LOL

Virginia said...

Oh, that made me laugh!!! How cute! Your kiddos are so pretty and spunky and cute. I love it!

Lynette said...

Incredible how much joy these little ones can you have a real "clown" in the family...each family must have one.

Fluttering Bee said...

I have seen Jeff Dunham and Achmed in person. If you think he's funny on TV, see him in concert! lol

Beth Mason said...

We miss Jana... she does have a way of making one smile! Love you all!

Helen Tilbury said... son is crazy about Achmed so he impersonates him all the time...your little girl is giving you lots of laugh like my little boy. Children are such a blessing ;-)