Sunday, January 18, 2009

so excited!

My class will go on sale tomorrow (Monday!) I am not sure what time but as soon as it's up I will let you know!!
YAY!!! only one more sleep!
hearts and kisses


Mariette said...

Hi Wilna
Sal ek dit hier in Suid-Afrika kan doen sonder al die nuwe Making Memory Love reeks. Dis moeilik om die goed hier te kry.

Kataroo said...

oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah...happy girl here :)

caro said...

What a knockout photograph!

Loving your "feather-light" touch!!!

You are definitely a heart champion, GO Wilna.

Sophia said...


Char said...

Keep waiting for the class to pop up!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Cant wait

Diana Graham said...

Wilna, Can't wait, told some friends too!
Love those hearts!
Also, gonna add clas to blog!

Maryna said...

hey girl!!
everything looks almost good enough to eat on your blog..
i need to go eat someting sweet now.

Nancy Comelab said...

Oh it's almost Wednesday here in Australia (and with that, bed-time) so I hope I still get a spot when I wake up tomorrow! :) Thank you ever so much for being such an inspiration, Wilna!

Nancy Comelab