Friday, February 27, 2009

Taking things easy...

Sometimes we have to take time just for yourself. I have been taking time off just for me since my online class finished and I will probably be back in the game by Tuesday next week. The result is seriously cool: I have been cooking dinners, cleaning closets, my laundry room is spotless... meaning all the dirty clothes is washed, ironed (thank you Judy) and in the closets. What an awesome feeling. I have been reading a little bit and been playing on facebook which I totally love lately... I love how it's set up... in a way that doesn't take much time but you can connect with friends by just writing a line or 2. I am also listening to Jason Upton. It's incredible music. Unfathomably deep. Pure Spirit. Stunning.

The winner of the Paperie goodie box is MandieGirl who said...Thanks for the encouragement, Wilna. I seem to be 'fighting' a lot, and am tired of losing. I know that I'm not alone, just need a reminder sometimes. Sweet page! Please email me your address and I will get it in the mail by next week!! : )

Have a wonderful peaceful weekend.
Remember that God cannot HELP but love love love you.


MandieGirl said...

Thanks so much Wilna! I know what you mean about taking a break! I've been taking an unvoluntary one since my powerbook died on wednesday, but you better believe that my home is a ton cleaner than usual. ;) Thanks again. Have a lovely weekend!

caro said...

so happy for Mandiegirl.

Nag-se maatjie, en weereens dankie, vir die uitgesoekte Bybel verse.

almadr said...

Congrats Mandie ;-)

and a nice relaxing weekend to you Wilna and all that pop in here

Roxanne said...

congrats to MandieGirl!!

Wilna, I spotted these on another blog....

being the coffee lover and starbucks fan you are...I thought you would love a peak too!!

Anonymous said...

congrats too you Mandiegirl, she sends the BEST prizes.
I have been away this weekend and it was stressful (all the family saga's)could make a good TV series but NO, seriously depressing. So I need your WORDS Wilna - Thank you for always posting them

Anyway for those intersted I am posting some pics on Flickr under the name Barbiboo so if you are around on Flickr take a peep xxx

Love Boo xxx

Helen Tilbury said...

Enjoy your nesting time - I also love time off just to do mummy things & get organised. If you have the time I would love for you to join my followers, you can find me at I am a massive fan of yours,LOL! ;-)

Tamara Nicole said...

Good for you!!! It's important to take time to de-clutter and enjoy life, Im realizing this as well. Lucky for me I have Mondays off of work and no kids yet (yet!) lol so I cook, clean, yoga and create all day and I love it b/c it's my day. Anyway thanks for the inspo!

~Tamara Nicole~