Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Afternoon.

I have just been taking time off. From Scrapbooking, from taking pictures, from blogging. And it's a good thing. It's good to sometimes step away to the point where you feel the urge rise up again to create and be creative. That to me is a high. When I am frustrated when I cannot be creative. when I have to do somethings like cooking and cleaning. I am not there yet, but I know it will come.
Sunday afternoons have to be like this: coming home from church (always hungry) then having left overs (chicken korma with naan bread today). Taking a 3 hour nap (just because we can ). Waking up and having coffee. Surfing the net and reading up on things (usually world events for me). Watching amazing race with the kids. Watching a movie with Jaku. (we are into the Matrix movies now - watching the 3rd one tonight).

This week I will try to blog every day. Just to get into the hang on things!
Peace to you on this Sunday.


caro said...

glad to see you!

Julie Cortens said...

I too took a nap after church today - just because I can and it is such a lovely thing to do on a Sunday afternoon. It has also helped me stay awake this evening as I work on my daughters wedding invitations.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna!!!!
Glad that you are back!!! Missed u lots...
It is nice just to be... to just enjoy time with your family and alone and getting things done. I did your Hearts class and would like for you to invite me on facebook... dries43 at telkomsa dot net. Lotsa love
Charmaine T

Charlene said...

Glad that your back!! You class was so awesome and you put so much into it that you should have a break to keep yourself healthy!! Love your blog heading!! I wish I was better at this digital stuff!! But I get very frustrated in Photoshop!! I need to find someone local who can help he hand on!! Have a peaceful week!! Char