Sunday, April 5, 2009

sunday night...


I made this page yesterday too... again with those yummie digital KI Memories papers. I still have some pieces of these papers somewhere... I loved them so much I just didn't want to throw them away. This coming week Kayla and I will start working on our blog class. I am super excited about it. I am making templates and blog banners as free give aways in the class... I really think it will be worth it! And the best thing for me is I am learning as I go along. Let me tell you one thing: Blogger does not have to stand back for typepad. With Blogger beta, you can do anything.

Today I want to give one away one spot in the class. All you need to do is leave me a comment about what you would love to know/learn/want in the blogging.2 class. It's good to know stuff like that before you start working on the content... even though we have a loooong list of things we are going to cover. I am eagerly awating your input... : )

Mac is doing great. At the moment he is sleeping under my table. I suspect he will spend a fair amount of his life right there, in that spot. (to my hearts delight).




Louise Dubord said...

I want to learn everything. I just started blogging and I badly need it. Good luck with your little Mac - he is a sweetie. Animals bring us so much joy.

pink said...

There is just too much I don't understand. I tried to use a pre-made blog banner once........and was so frustrated. Even after getting the help from the designer of said banner. It was like we were speaking two completely different languages. I eventually just gave up.

MichelleJ said...

Everything LOL! Really - how to make a 3 column template, how to make a banner would be tops. My sister tells me it is easy, but I just haven't had the time to figure it all out myself, so her blog is WAY cuter than mine.

Wilna said...

Oh this is GREAT!!!! This class will be all in videos... so you will be able to watch every step. and we WILL make it easy.
: )

Diva Loca said...

I too would like to learn EVERYTHING!!! I'm on Blogger right now but will be moving to Typepad soon and need to get a "busines" blog going so I'm open to everything you want to share...this doesn't really help does it??? ha ha ha

Grammy and Olivia said...

Goodness...I need to know nearly everything. I have muddled through with premade templates, but don't even understand that well. I would love to be able to do more with a personal header etc. Your blog is so beautiful and reflects you personally. I would love to be able to put what I want where I want it. Sounds like a great class.

Paula Clare said...

Hi Wilna!
I would LOVE to know how to add my original art to my blog template. Also, I'd like to know how to make blinkies for my blog. I already know how to do template stuff and make my own banners, digital scrapbooking has helped emmensely!


MandieGirl said...

I began learning how to edit the html to make a three column template, and got majorly stuck, so I guess I'd really like to learn more in that aspect. :)

Heidi said...

ek het ook besluit om nou my blogging agtermekaar te kry maar sukkel met die editing om dit na iets te laat lyk!! nie so maklik soos ek gedink het nie!!! Sal LOVE om julle klas te doen!!!

Mariette said...

I would love to know where to start. Everybody is blogging except me. I feel like you Wilna with Facebook where everybody except you were on Facebook. Help please!!!!

jacqui said...

Hi Wilna... I'd love to learn how to create beautiful banners and designs for my blog..... Love your new Mac... He's gorgeous

Shayne said...

Hi - I'd love to learn how to personalise my blog and to create beautiful romantic banners for my blog. Actually - i'ld like to learn EVERYTHING!

Oh, your puppy is GORGEOUS!

Tessa said...

beautifull layout!!

Jowilna said...

AGGG this would be a dream class to do! I want to make a 3 column blog DESPERATELY and to customize the backgrounds more creatively!!! Pick me pick me!!

Anonymous said...

Because I'm a beginner I would like to learn everything just from the beginning to get a very good "basement".


Jan C. said...

I am on Wordpress, which doesn't let you do ANYTHING creative to the backgrounds, and only has limited widgets for putting in the sidebars. It drives me nutty. For one thing, I would like to know how to switch my blog between hosts without losing all of the posts I've done in the last 2 years. Is it better to buy your own domain name to begin with, to avoid losing your old material? And if so, how do you do that?

Anonymous said...

WHOO hoo, great prize. I so so so want (no NEED) to learn anything, I started a blog, but 'am shy' with my words so far and really get So lost wanting to add things and end up so FRUSTRATED. Feels like a bit of a lost cause... but I need to blog so here is wishing luck to you all but most of all to 'ME'.

Have a great day ahead to all of you.

Love BOO xx

Anonymous said...

on the subject of your gorgeous MAC.
We have just spent 2 weeks in Australia and the friends we were with have a miniature schnauzer called Sasha, I have to say she was the most wonderful dog and BRILLIANT with kids, so impressed that we are wanting to get one for my little girl when we get to Brisbane to live.

Suddenly there is another (looks like your little MAC but is a Molly) in our area and she is also so good natured and the sweetest little thing only 17 months old.

So I cannot wait to get a little puppy once we are settled as I am so impressed with these little dogs.


scrapworking said...

I would love to learn more about how to customize my blog artistically, so it is an extension of me. Yours is so beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity!

lori said...

I love your puppy he is adorable....the layout is beautiful....I would so love to learn how to add a little art features to my blog...thank you for the chance to be a part..

Laura said...

I have just starting blogging regularly and there is so much I just don't understand nor have the time to figure out. I would love to learn how to customize my banner and background without needing to get a college education to do it :) I CANNOT wait for your class!!!!!!!!

Juel said...

I would like to learn how to make it so a photo on my blog can be enlarged, so you could see detail. How do some blogs have extra pages added to them? Is that only available in typepad?

I love the idea of a 3 column blog, which would allow me to share more of myself with others. I haven't done much with my blog because all I do is get frustrated. It is high time I learn! Looking forward to the class!!

happydays525 said...

I LOVE that layout Wilna, I think it's a favorite!

I'd love to know tips and tricks on how to pretti-fy my blog without the use of Photoshop (if that's even a possibility!)...I still don't have it! =)

So cool that you're going to have a class on this!


almadr said...

I'd love to learn how to make my own template ... and to learn some useful html commands.

i'm sure this class will be a blast ;-)

Jan said...

EVERYTHING! Take one look at my blog and you will see why. lol. I have a teenage son that calls himself a computer guru until I ask him for help - then it's I don't knowwwww! I'm not sure if he really doesn't know or if he just doesn't want to help me. either way I'm LOST! lol.

Charlene said...

Any class YOU teach is worth it!!! But I really want to know how to make a custom blog header. where I can take a picture and make it my heading!!!

Jenny said...

Hi Wilna, I would love to know how to create a blog like yours!! I want to know EVERYTHING! I would really like to know how to scan and add your own little artworks.
I love your new puppy - I am sure he will bring you many hours of joy!

Brooke said...

I like so many others, would love to personalize my blog. I currently use the templates provided because I have no idea how to do anything else. I would love to add my own touch. Love the layouts and your new pup is adorable

merryheart2 said...

i've done a few digi pages but i have so much to learn. i really need to figure out how and where to store all my downloaded goodies. they are all over my computer now. i need some good suggestions.

those are some of my favorite papers too! i loved em. i'm sort of a horder, so i know i have some of that yummy paper somewhere too.

i hope you're having a great Monday. love that you share scripture with us. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and want to learn how to make my own. I started with blogger but have not made it public because it's UGLY! So please post the information of this class because I am IN!


Stay Funny said...

Super happy that you are planing a Blog class!

I would be my first one....on working in formating my blog and that is really exiting!
Love your classes!

3 columns is my top thing on my list to do for my blog, HTML codes, how to use photoshop brushes.....
(not sure if that can be added) or it's a separate class.... all together

Please add my name in the "Would love to lurn everyting" column!!! :)

Linda said...

I would love to learn all that I can, I've been blogging for almost a year and can't figuer things out... Love the puppy he is too cute.

Julie Cortens said...

Wow - so much to learn to make my blog have punch!
~Getting the banner to fit
~Adjusting the side margins
~Adding new fonts to posts
~Figuring out why my blog looks different on different monitor can I fix this???
~Making my photos larger
And the list goes on.
Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

wow great giveaway.. i would love to learn more about making the backgrounds.. know all the other stuff.. tired of free templates.. would love to learn how to make them myself

Amber said...

Just wanted to let you know I saw a layout of yours in Memory Makers...really cute! I love your style. Mac is a cutie too! =)

I would love to learn how to make my own blog backgrounds and how to change the little icon from internet explorer or firefox or whatever to a little picture!

=) Have a great day!!

Jody said...

Cute page! That title is fun!! I am going to take your blog class. I have been wanting to learn how to change up stuff in blogger for awhile now. My main desire is to be able to create a new background. I'm excited to make something more "me"! I'm thinkin' these KI Digitals would be a cute start. =)

Anonymous said...


I LOVE, love Mac! So cute!

So I need to learn
* three columns
* using digtal products to make my own template


Anonymous said...

I, too, could stand to have a bit of help with my blog.'s blank. So sad.

There's so much I need to learn.
-3 columns
-banner sizing
-how to make a blog background that is not distracting to the reader

Thanks for offering,

Maryna said...

wow.. having so much fun with you on facebook that i forget to come and pop in here!!! everything is as stunning as ever!!
love you

karin said...

Hi Bokkie,

Glo my, ek het dit nodig, weet nou nog nie hoe om 'n banner te maak nie!