Friday, June 26, 2009


Summers in Saskatchewan Canada is short. So short in fact that while this summer haven't really begun, last Sunday (the 21st) the sun turned again. Already it's only getting dark at 10:25pm and not at 10:30pm any more. Every morning now, i wake up and take my coffee to our deck where i spend a good hour in the Word. after a while i would realize all 3 girls are there with me eating their breakfast and drinking something... this has sort of become a summer habit. Such a comforting one too. I find I spend more time with them than in my office and if i am in my little office, i would listen to a teaching and organize my room. For those still reading this blog, there will come a time again where i blog regularly... after all, summer is so short over here.

As I mentioned before, we got a boat this year and we have been enjoying it so much. I love to fish and this past week i caught me first fish. I did feel for the poor thing but Jaku used all his doctor skills and surgically removed the hook and pronounced it good to go back into the lake. I am of the firm opinion though, that Sturgeon lake only have one jack-fish in it. Oh and beavers. It also have some mirror water for skiing.

I have been creative... i just havent finished anything yet. BUT today I want to share with you a few design inspirations that you will LOVE.

These are iTouch and iPhone
wallpapers by veer.
Just so inspiring and yummy
to look at.
which one do you like?

If you love design, this
is also very inspirational.
Most of the times our
best work is not inspired by
something material, but by
an IDEA. Over at Uppercase
there are many IDEAS.

This GUY is just totally inspiring. If you are on twittter, follow him as he gives the most awesome links to free fonts. Something like LOGO design which is as essential as design get, can be totally awesome to use as a starting point for scrapbook design.

um... yes, this font: ZAG font, is free to download here: CLICK and be happy...It's not always you can download a type that's designed. Usually you have to buy them at a high price! You can thank me later. : )

Oh my goodness... this is book tape.
How one earth does something so cute
and pink make my heart all a flutter?
Ali had a tut on how to use it. Lovely.

Lastly, I got these circle cut out masks that I using
on some pictures (like the one at the top of Mac). It's
one of my favorite things to use right now.
Find them HERE.

Well, i hope i inspired some creativity!
Just to inspire you with the Word too today: Consider this little piece a friend of mine wrote:
Joy is the voice of faith; joy sings instead of sighs. The effect of our conversation is compared to the rudder of a ship, a massive vessel can be steered effortlessly; never underestimate the dynamics of conversation. James 3:2-4. Even our thoughts are silent words that impact our health and total life attitude. ‘Speaking the truth in love, is the communication of our faith, which promotes the knowledge of every good thing that is in us, in Christ.’ Ephesians 4:15,29, Philemon 1:6. This standard of conversation creates the environment that perfects the full stature of Christ in everyone. The truth that is displayed in Jesus is our only true reference. Ephesians 4:20-27. by Francois du Toit.

Have a blessed weekend!


Charmaine T said...

Hi Wilna!!!!

Yes, having a boat is so nice..... We have a 54ft Yacht, and we are getting into gear to go sailing as of the end of this year. I am already homeschooling my daughter. We want to travel a bit and see the world. It is going to be such a blessing just spending time with my family and seeing all of God's wonders everyday!!!!

Thanx for all your wonderful scriptures, I can't wait till the next entry in your blog.... Enjoy your family!!!!!!

Sheri (Aunt Re Re) said...

Wilna, just had to leave a comment to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. You are an amazing woman with such talent. I love that you are not afraid to share your faith and love for God and His word. Thank are an inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

hello there Wilna still checking in and reading all your news, not as regular since our 'groot trek' to Aussie but as soon as I am more settled I will be checking in daily once again - enjoy your family and the summer with your boat whilst you have the warmer weather.

Boo xx