Saturday, June 20, 2009

you know your kids grow up when...

you know your kids grow up when...

* they can sort their own admin: certificates/ pictures/ artworks
* can go through the whole house and find every pen, pencil and crayon in the home
* sort them all out according to sort
* test all of them and throw out the useless ones
* all this while i am reading a book.

sigh. life sure is sweet.
I just want to share 2 Jana stories:

* Yesterday was my birthday so i asked Tia and Jana to make my bed. After a while I came into the room and Jana was laying on the made bed. I asked her: "what are you doing?" she looked at me and said: "aww, nothing, just sleeping on the job".

* This morning she came into my office holding her head: "Mom, my head hurts. Where's the Advil?" i need to worry?

smiles. and a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

... sug.... ek geniet my kinders nou vreeslik baie, maar ai, ek wens hulle kon al die goed wat jy noem, al self doen. ek moet wag vir 'n skoolvakansie, dat hulle 'n paar dae by hul ouma gaan kuier, dat ek hul goed kan uitsorteer en uitgooi. Maar snaaks genoeg, dit gee my 'n 'kick' om uit te sorteer, ek voel soos 'n nuwe mens daarna.
hoop jy't 'n vreeslike lekker verjaarsdag gehad!

Helen Tilbury said...

That Jana sure is a character - your stories about her always make me laugh! Glad you had a wonderful birthday. I also love turning a year older & life just gets better & better. You have less insecurities & grow into your own skin ;-D

Kimberly White said...

Happy Birthday Wilna! Great to hear the wonderful stories of your life =)

Grammy and Olivia said...

My sweet hubby and I were making the bed the other day and I told him about Jana's cute comment...he loved it too!