Friday, July 24, 2009


So, I am having my garage sale this week. Yesterday and today. Right now, I am 4 hours from finishing and so ready to be done. I love the idea of decluttering my house. I am starting new things in the fall and want to get ready. I promise I didn't forget to blog. Actually I really really wanted to blog everyday this week. We got new BlackBerries and one negative thing about BlackBerry is that it's Mac compatible but WITH some effort. BlackBerry is bringing out their Mac desktop app in September and it cannot come early enough for me. So I did spend a few hours on syncing our contacts and calenders. Uhg.

The piece of Good news I want to share today comes from Francois du Toit. I totally love what he wrote about prayer: Worship beyond religious routine. Prayer is so much more than a mere ‘quick-fix’ ritual. Neither is prayer a struggle to overcome God’s reluctance to assist us; or to win Him over to our side. Jesus is enough proof that God is for us. Prayer’s power is neither in numbers nor in volume nor in the urgency of the moment. It is not the prayer of sincerity that matters but the prayer of faith!
It is amazing how small your requests become when you focus on His Being and the revelation of His provision in Christ; and the fact that you are co-seated together with Him in heavenly places; rather pray from the throne room than towards the throne room. Col.3:1-3.
The way people sometimes pray often says more about their doubts and fears than about their faith.

I hope that you have a wonderful day and weekend. I am seriously busy working on some exciting things!


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mandiegirl said...

Sounds lovely. thanks so much for sharing, friend. :)

Josh and Becca said...

Thanks again for letting me feature your layout on Outside The Box!

Candice said...

That is great Wilna. I have been thinking about prayer a lot lately, and these couple of sentences have given me the answers I have been looking for!