Friday, October 30, 2009

down time.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom!!!
This has been a whirlwind week: U2 Concert in Vancouver on Wednesday. Jasper today and Edmonton tomorrow! Sunday we are going Home and I am sure the absolute urge I have for routine would come to pass then. Absolute craving. For routine. and the duller the better.
The Concert was more than I ever bargained for. Except for some tender ears. It was truly magnificent! When Bono sang Amazing Grace, I cried. and now I am a U2 fan till the end. with or without you. he-he.
I would LOVE to show you some pictures, but my (little) camera-mac cable is packed in somewhere. somewhere deep and unknown. But I can show you a picture of Jana and I goofing in the cold... this was taken by the Doctor on Tuesday near Lake Minnewanka, Banff. After all this time away from my girls I just want to hug them as much as possible.

A bit of good news on a cold Canadian day:
Francois writes: ‘If you continue in My word, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free; and whom the son sets free, is free indeed.’ John 8:32,36. The word of Jesus is so much more than the red-letter edition Bible; it is everything that God spoke to mankind in Christ. Heb.1:1-3. Son-ship sets you free! The revelation that the son of man is in fact the Son of God is fundamental to the message of the gospel. Mathew 16:13, 16-19, Luke 15, Malachi 2:10, Psalm 82:6, Deut.32:18, Is.51:1, Ps. 22:27,30,31, Eph.3:14,15.

I will write again as soon as my life is as boring as possible.

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