Sunday, October 25, 2009

Home for one day...

It sure is good to be home again! I couldn't keep my eyes open today... most probably because we walked miles and miles and slept very little In NYC. + I cannot seem to hug my 3 girls enough today. So happy to be home! But it's just for a day! We will be leaving for the Canadian Rockies tomorrow and will be gone for a week. On Wednesday Jaco and I will catch a flight to Vancouver for a day to watch U2 in concert. Just thinking about it makes my heart beat a little faster!

One of the highlights in New York City was the food. We ate at fantastic restaurants. Let me tell you:
Rosa Mexicana: Such a high end Mexican restaurant where they make the guacamole right in front of you. The food is so awesome... it's noisy, but happy!
Mesa grill: Our last dinner was at the mesa. Jaco said outright that never in his life did he eat better food anywhere... (I was not offended...he-he). And yes, it was out of this world. Also a little Mexican flavor with lots of corn-based-dishes. But OH! So, so, so fantastic. We will definately see Mesa grill again in our life. Oh, and remember to make a reservation a month in advance!
My personal favorite place was PUBLIC. a quaint little place in some kind of warehouse near Greenwich Village in Elisabeth street. I loved the atmosphere, the menu's (printed on ledger paper) and the food! We had our farewell brunch there. I will definitely go there again (and again). Just lovely.
We strolled down Bleecker street. And we found Magnolia Bakery...known for the best cupcakes in the world. The line was out of the shop and my husband is not so hard pressed for cupcakes... so I decided it was good enough reason to return to New York. amen.

Miracle on 54th:
On Wednesday night we went to Rosa Mexicana and came back to our hotel late the night. I remember taking out my wallet wanting to pay the cab driver but putting it back because I didnt have enough small change. The next morning I picked up my camera bag and the little compartment where my wallet was in, was open and empty and I knew in a second I lost my wallet. I wasn't worried at all as I took out my visa the previous morning and put it in the safe in our room (we always do this ) so the only thing in my wallet was my drivers license, my health card and a debit card. Anyway, we went to breakfast and while drinking our lattes, I got a call on my cell phone from my bank in Winnipeg... asking if I lost my bank card. I said yes! and the guy said that my wallet was found and at NYPD in 54th street. when I picked it up, not even the cash in there was missing. Coincidence? Someone once said that coincidence is when God workds a miracle and decided to remain anonymous. : )

I am itching to be creative... but I will enjoy my family time right now!

So, those of you making my little album from Ali Edwards blog, I would LOVE to see it! Please link me in the comments to pictures of your project!

Please vote for my friend Kayla Aimee as she is pursuing her dream: TO WRITE! It's just one click for you. : )

I am uploading all my NYC pictures to my Mobile me gallery to give the family a slide show!
Till later!


Anonymous said...

so glad you had fun in New York. I ate at Rosa Mexicana when I was there in February. Delicious. We didn't eat at Mesa Grill, but at Bobby Flay's Bar Americain. Absolutely the best restaurant I've ever eaten at. We stopped at the Magnolia Bakery in Rockefeller Center more than a couple of times. Best cupcakes so you will definitely have to go back. :)

Stay Funny said...

Welcome back home and have a fun trip at the Rockies and enjoy your U2 concert!
mmmm will need to add Magnolia Bakery to the list when I return to NYC!

Dawn said...

I really want to make this album, but I only drink Venti from Starbucks. =( Anyway the pages you made can be a little bigger? :)