Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Digital Pages.

Hello! Today is such a cold day! But I have been working a lil bit and want to share. Each week the creative designers @ 2peas are given some kits/papers/fun stuff to make projects with. I was given these 2 kits and made a couple of pages with them! One is "Nuts for you" designed by Jen and the other one was papers only and called Sweater Weather designed by Betsy Tuma. I just loved working with them and had fun. After all, that's why we scrapbook right? For fun! "Nuts for you" is a big kit with a zillion little things that's so adorable... trees and nuts and squirrels! and Sweater Weather has a rich texture to the papers that reminds one of a warm sweater. Here are the pages I made:

Credits (I love New York): Jen Martakis : Nuts for you, Carina Gardner: Stamps

Credits (Christmas 2008): Betsy Tuma: Sweater Weather, Carina Gardner: Stamps

Credits (Family): Jen Martakis : Nuts for you, Carina Gardner: Stitches, Chelsea Parsons: I do,
Erica Hernandez: Feeling Bookish

Peace to you!


Helen Tilbury said...

I want to be able to scrap digitally like you...right from the beginning LOL! One of THE most offputting things for me {about digi scrapping} is how UGLY some of the products & layouts are but I think that maybe those are all the freebies. I am SO scared it has turned into a bit of an unhealthy fear...it's not that hard right???!!!

Wilna said...

No it's not hard at all! Baby steps and a few video tutorials and you are good to go! : )

Susan Alexander said...

Oh! LOVE your pages. I wish too that i know how to do it like you.

stamprgrl said...

how on Earth did you make those tear pieces?!??!!? they are stunning!

-- dalis

Kathy said...

Wila you are such a huge asset to the group ...you seem to know everything that there is about digi stuff! LOVE your layouts! Happy Thanksgiving!