Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December is here!

I have been in love with My Minds eye Papers for the longest time! so you can imagine my joy when Amber asked me to be their guest designer this month! Go to their blog and read all about it + there is a super cool give away going on! This page here is all MME.

Talk soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna

just had a look at MME blog and you and your family are the absolute cutest people!
I knew you lived in Canada, but had no idea you lived in Sask. poor you!! Almost as bad as living in Edmonton! (p.s. people from Alberta always tease those from Sask)

Anonymous said...

Great colors - great photo!

Louise Dubord said...

I just went on the MME blog. Very beautiful layouts. Your girls are so gorgeous.
Jana just cracks me up. She is absolutely hilarious. Those faces she makes are priceless. I am sure there is never a dull moment with her around!

JenD said...

i have lots of tips for disney...we just went last spring and have been 5 times at least. you don't need a car...take the shuttle from the airport and they have lots of shuttles in the resort that take you everywhere...go to the magic kingdom at least one morning really early (like if it says it opens at 9 go at 8 and wait for it to open...mickey and a bunch of dancers ride the train in and do a whole show before the park opens...don't schedule a dinner every night..most of the the resorts have walk up areas with good food and options at each of the individual resorts that way you can just be spontaneous for something new, we did the princess breakfast at the norway castle (great breakfast), dinner at the steakhouse in canada is good too, many of them don't allow booking until like 100 days before the trip. most of the countries (in Epcot) have really yummy food like egg rolls in china, pastries in france, tacos in mexico. Spend a day in the world showcase and sample the food. The Nemo show and the Lion King show at the Animal Kingdom are a for sure thing and our two favorite shows. Hollywood studios only took us one day...but go back at night for the mickey fantasia show....very good....get there early. Fantasy Land at the Magic kingdom is our favorite area at the park. They have a dress up place and will do the hair and makeup for the girls near the Castle. Go to all the parades and the firework show at the Magic Kingdom at least once. Epcot has a great Nemo exhibit with an Aquairum sp?. Well I have lots more but these are my things I learned after a time or too....sorry you did ask for our best tip....I was a little long winded...:) have a blast and let me know if you need for help or any other ideas....jenniferdecker@me.com

jenjock1 said...

You are just rockin' the scrappy world lately my friend and it makes me happy. Congrats!
P.S. You need to tell your bosses at MM to give you a bonus. I totally bought a Slice JUST because of that page where you used the think pink leaves with our fave 7Gypsies paper. :):)

Anonymous said...

Die Here is besig om weer eens jou grondgebied te vergroot! Geestelik is dit 'n groot verantwoordelikheid, maar die Here sal jou se├źn en Hy sou dit nie vir jou gegee het as Hy nie geweet het jy kan dit hanteer nie.
Liefde - ingrid

caro said...

Yippeeee-yay-yay! Go Wilna! well deserved recognition, and ditto on Ingrid's comment. xxxx

Tiffany said...

Yeah! Love MME. Congrats.

tara pollard pakosta said...

congrats wilna!
love your work!

Anonymous said...

Love this! I just saw the class from Nov. mentioned on that site too, and wondered if there is a way to see your Christmas edition Starbucks cup mini album...Helen Bixby

Wilna said...

here is the link:

is that what you were looking for?