Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Still no coffee for me...

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This will be my 4th day with no coffee and would you believe the headaches are still with me. It really sucks. It's like my body throwing a full blown tantrum for it's caffeine. And all this because I read this line a book: if you need coffee to wake up, lose it. ouch. double ouch. But to me it's more than just coffee... it's time for a life style change for me. And that's what this page is all about. When you are nearing 40, you don't have the option or let me rather say the luxury for putting bad stuff in your body. The fact that my husband is a complete health nut helps. BIG TIME!

Something more about this page: These papers by Chelsea Parsons speak. They tell their own story. They are truly lyrical. I adore them so much! I told a story in the page that's so close to my heart. Credits: (All 2 peas) Chelsea Parsons Beautifully Grungy Garden Michelle Underwood Butterflies Mary Ann Wise Basic Stitches No1 Carina Gardner Garden Courtyard Sande Krieger Fanciful edges.

Today I want to share a fantastic scripture with you: Romans 3:24: [All] are justified and made upright and in right standing with God, freely and gratuitously by His grace (His unmerited favor and mercy), through the redemption which is [provided] in Christ Jesus. I am realizing more and more that the Bible is not about how we must love God but HOW MUCH He loved us. You are made right with God. No matter what you do, in Christ you are justified, made right, innocent and in favor with God. Does this mean that you have a license to just sin as much as you want? If you ask that question, you have not realized exactly what He have done for you. Because if you do, your life will reflect it 100%.

Much love


godlyrose said...

Well said! So many times we take God's love for granted.

I also have to do something about my coffee intake. I get the headaches if I don't have at least one or two cups. Not good.

Anonymous said...

I really feel for you!!! I'm on day 9 now of not having coffee and it's killing me. I use to enjoy a cup of coffee every morning with my hubby and talk to the kids while they eat breakie...Now it just seems like a step is missing. Uggggggggg. Well, health is more important I guess. You can get through it. Good luck!!!


Jan said...

Hi, Wilna! :)

Just want to tell you how much I appreciate that scripture you quoted today and your thoughts you shared about it. I even shared it all with a friend who sent me a quote that reminded me of how I used to "try so hard" to be good so I would make God happy. Such backwards thinking, huh? I, too, have come to realize over the past few years that it's not about striving, it's about allowing myself to be utterly drenched in His love...

Blessings to you! Hang in there with the no-coffee hangover. It lasts about a week. I once quit coffee and sugar in the same day and experienced the only migraine I've ever had. I don't recommend THAT! But you'll feel your energy return in another few days! Mmmmwah!

Roxanne said...

It won't be a bad thing to enjoy a cup now and then, just for the sake of enjoyment, will it?! We are addicted to your starbucks albums, that would give us a terrible heartache! :) I'm sure you'll be feeling better soon. Hang in there!
Thanks for the inspiration with your verses and thoughts. So many days the scripture is what I needed that day.

JenD said...

try excederin...(has caffeine...just a bit)...They also sell caffeine pills at the drug store... you could wean yourself more slowly like a pill for a couple days...Good Luck
I am off my every morning coffee kick too. Now once in a while i have a decaf drink if we have a date night. here is to health! Jen d

caro said...

Have a look on wiki - Good info on caffeine detox-ing. G tried this cold-turkey stunt and he said day 3 was his worst headache ever. The rebound headaches are fewer now that he sticks to one or two arabica's a day - looks like robusta is his nemesis ... It took him about 3 years to acknowledge that his weekend headaches were from caffeine letdown. As for me, I have grown to like "Eura" or just stick to the drug of choice - CHOCOLATE! xxxx hugs for your quest.

iamahoneybee said...

Good luck on removing coffee from your life!

the layout is beautiful!