Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i love...

this page. One of my favorite pages. ever. Click here to see more images/details.

Thoughts for life by Francois du Toit:
Truth is never under threat; ignorance or contradiction cannot diminish or cancel truth. ‘We can do nothing against the truth, only for the truth!’ 2Cor.13:8, Rom.3:3,4. The best thing you can do for the truth is to agree with God about you.
Disappointment, discouragement, distraction, personal experience or someone else’s opinion should never persuade you contrary to the truth! There is no need to tamper with the word of God in order to justify the contradiction. God is not double minded; Jesus reveals that God’s mind is made up about you!
Human experience is not the measure of truth.
Jesus unveils the truth of every man as in a mirror so that we may now with the open statement of the truth commend ourselves to every man’s conscience. (Greek word for conscience, suneidesis, a joint seeing.) 2Cor.3:18, 4:2. Paul understands that all men are conscience-compatible; he anticipates their favorable response to the appeal of truth.

Reading this today just wow-ed me again. wow.


godlyrose said...

It is absolutely exquisite!

caro said...

Sophisticated & beautiful. great dimension & depth. Thanks for another inspirational quote today. God blessed our school immensely today - our first day of the year.

Jen said...

OHHHHH MY DEARIE! I love this!