Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday finds...

Look what i found on 2peas! This lovely, lovely page made by Iara (baersgarten). Click on the image to see more images and how she made this page part of an art journal. It's just so pretty.

One thing i still have to get use to is seeing my designs used by other people. I am always amazed and a little in awe!

Today I am syncing my 2 hard drives and everything is buzzing around me. Plus I am still a little asleep irregardless of the fact that it's almost 12:44pm. I have days like this sometimes. And it's ok!

Francois wrote this today and it made me JUMP for joy! "Competition is not what makes of you a champion, to realize how complete you are by design and redemption in the face of contradiction, without any external confirmation or applause, is the true character of a champion."

have a wonderful weekend!


Starr said...

That's a really lovely LO :)

Iara said...

what a treat to see my layout in your beautiful blog Wilna, your designs are awesome and I am so happy to scrap with them :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. It looks just like a scrap book, but on line! How do you do it? Amazing. I could free up some shelf space if I could learn your tricks.

Mandy Kitzsch