Friday, March 19, 2010


It's Friday already! Today we had a family day that started with a leisure breakfast at the Yellow finder in Christopher lake. Then we all did some house cleaning and now i have some house-peace. Someone once said it's not the tragedies that kills us it's the messes. Right now the afternoon sun is streaming though my windows and I am so happy and I feel content and blessed. The girls have a dance weekend with competition rehearsals. I will be the make-up, hair and costume person. and all that's so okay with me. Oh and the snacks and taxi person. that's okay too.
Some happy news for me it that one of my 2 peas kits are one of the top sellers this week! + my design team, JAN, is featured in the newsletter!

I want to share some verses from the mirror translations: James 1:2 Temptations come in different shapes, sizes and intervals, their intention is always to suck you into their energy field. However my brothers, your joy leads you out triumphantly. 1:3 Here is the secret: joy is not something you have to fake, it is the fruit of what your faith knows to be true about you!   Knowing that the proof of your faith results in persuasion that remains constant in contradiction.

peace & joy to you!


Starr said...

Cute photo! Hope you all have fun this weekend :)

Nadine said...

congrats on having your kit one of
the top sellers! (: wtg! ^^

Kathy said...

Congrats Wilna! That is big news :)

Amanda Gibson said...

Cute little pupperooti!

Anonymous said...

congrats Wilna !!!

By the way I finally revamped my blog thanks to your class
I really really recommend your class, hope a lot of people will take it !