Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am knee deep into our blog class. I am really working hard but i am very excited about the class. My part (the blogger part) will be taught with videos. So it will make it easy to learn. I am an expert at editing out all my "ums". I say that so much.
If you have not registered, and you want your blog to bling... now is the time. Also, if you registered for my class be sure to download the Adobe Flash Player. It will make watching and downloading the videos a dream.

Then, a while ago Sarah emailed me to check out Lushae jewelry and  i got this beautiful ring from them. I just love the simple designs. They have the most beautiful earrings too... real eye candy.
Well, we are entering into dance season and Tia is dancing her intermediate ballet exam tomorrow in Saskatoon. What a great excuse for some Jeera Chicken Curry and shopping. yay and yum.
talk soon



Nancy W said...

Looking forward to the online class and hopefully you leave in a few ums ;) That reminded me of this one training class we had at work. We were listening to a woman give the class over the phone while we watched this huge screen. She said um every third word! Seriously, it was so funny that we all started keeping track and some folks would stand when she said it and so it was like prairie dogs popping up out of their holes, LOL.

sorry, rambling! hugs

caro said...

Intermediate. WOWZER!!! Go Tia, you're almost a dance teacher! Hey Wilna, I'm still enjoying the handwriting header thing I learned at your previous class, hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Pippa said...

Hello teacher! I am one of your blogger students. Looking forward to class. Love your blog by the way :)