Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I was browsing through the 2 peas gallery and saw what Kathy (Mom2Christopher) did with my birdie mini album: she made cards! I sigh for joy at her brilliance! This soooo clever. I just wanted to show ya'll.
Anyway, we went to Saskatoon today to drop our friends off at the airport. I will not mention they are on their way to South Africa. In fact, i am not even thinking about it right now.
Last night we took our girls to see Avatar. I am seriously embarrassed to tell you all how many times Jaco and I saw it. Let me say this: we contributed. And after i saw it for the ----th time i enjoyed it every bit as much.
Tomorrow I will announce my heART digital design team. I know you all will like her very much!
love and kisses


caro said...

I found today's post very inspiring Wilna! The cards, the DT and all the possibility. So happy for you.

Roxanne said...

What a totally awesome idea for the mini-album kit!!!
So excited to hear about your DT team. That is one very lucky girl!!
I haven't posted the quick page layout I did. I love how all I had to do was choose a photo! Thank you muchly!

Penny said...

hi, I loved your cute birds and what Kathy did with them so I bought the download and plan to make some quick cards with a bit of added glitter for good measure :) I am off to check out your other designs now.