Thursday, March 11, 2010

my design team. seriously.

Hi there!
I have a design team! yes, i have. And I want you all to meet her. But first i want to write about why i don't really have an official design team: The thing is I don't think I take my whole i-design-digital-products very seriously. yet. I mean, of course i am serious about it. At this stage i am investing money and a whole lot of time to it. I consider myself rather to still be in training. So, i wanted someone that just want to play with my designs and have fun with it. I didn't even want to put a call out as at this stage I would die if no one applied. he-he.

so, here is JAN: (JanLBinPA on 2peas) I have known her for a long time and she jokes that I am her big sis... from our time at scrapinStyle.
She makes beautiful things and I think i picked her because she loves the stuff I make. She is warm, funny, heartful, cheerful, kind and considerate. I love her a whole bunch. and she loves me back. That helps.

I asked her a few questions... read for yourself why i love her:
If you could go forward in time or backwards in time - which would you choose?
Definitely backwards. Many times when I visit historical places or look at antiques, I wish I could go to that time period for just an hour, to observe, to see the place being lived in or the item being used by its original owners. I really feel a draw, almost an appreciation for those who came before me and how they've touched the world around them. Hey, this is a great question - I could go on and on... ;)

Do you think your name says anything special about you? What name would you choose if you could name yourself? What meaning would you give it? Well, my last name indicates that I married into an amazing family. God really gave me a gift there. I like that. I'd like a good biblical name. How about Dorcas? Now, wait. That doesn't mean "dork"! (Although I've been called one many times...) Its meaning is "gazelle". The opposite of dork, interestingly enough. In the bible, Dorcas (or Tabitha) was a woman who "abounded in good deeds and gifts of mercy". Yeah, that's who I want to be.

Wilna - you didn't think these questions would evoke short little answers, did you? I don't have much to say in person, but get me writing and I can go on and on... ;)

What is your favorite color? What does it mean/symbolize to you?
Even though I rarely wear it, I love looking at it - yellow! It speaks happiness and cheer to me.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? What would you do?
(Ah, see? Here we go again...) I've always always wanted to go to Africa. For the longest time it was because I wanted to see amazing animals - exotic animals that we don't have around here - in the wild. I get so excited when I see a deer, a bear (well, who doesn't), a wild turkey, a skunk, all of which I see on a fairly regular basis. I can only imagine what it would be like to see an elephant, or a giraffe or a lion in the wild. Wow. But, in the last 5 years or so I've really developed a heart-felt longing to go there and do something helpful for AIDS orphans or people that are starving or hurting. Not that there aren't opportunities around me to help others - but this is an unexplainable longing I have.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? My weight. (What? I CAN change that???) Oy. I'm sorry - there's my moment of shallowness.

If you had one way to help others, how would you? Well, not being a very physical person, I would really hope that I could encourage someone; say something really meaningful or helpful to them, help them to know that they are special and that they are loved. I would hope that I could share my faith in an honest and personal way, because that is what helps me, gives me strength, gives me a sense of worth, gives me hope.

If you could be given any special gift/talent what would you choose? I really appreciate those I HAVE been given, but, okay, if I could have ONE more - at this point in my life, I seem to have lost the ability to initiate stimulating conversation. (I'm going to steal these questions and make a "cheat sheet"...) I don't know why. Age? Hormones (or lack thereof)? Attention Deficit Disorder? I digress... I always SO appreciate someone that engages me in conversation - interesting and meaningful conversation. Yeah, I'd like that. And sending cards. It's not like I can't make them. I'm terrible at sending them.

What words do you like the sound of or the way they are spelled? Killarny, Lisdoonvarna, Ballyskeggs, Donegal, ad nauseum, dang, wretch, blithe, winsome, lackadaisical, yonder, lo (as in, "lo, these many years"), darling (but only when pronounced dahhhlink)

What animal do you wish you could turn into for a day? Who doesn't want to be a bird for a day?

What is your favorite song? What makes it special to you? Oh, sooooo many songs just MOVE me and for as many different reasons. And sometimes it's the artist or the arrangement for that particular song and I wouldn't like it so much otherwise. I hate to single out just one, but for you, Wilna, I will. It would be "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. Just that arrangement. It makes me happy and sad and nostalgic all at once. It's brilliant. Genius.

If you could have a magical mirror that allowed you to see all of your wonderful attributes and helped you see your struggles as something to work on - how would you react? That's a really good description of "friend", is it not? I'd welcome it. :)

see? SEE?
Talk soon


Jan said...

Ohhh, I'm blushing! I absolutely DO love your style, your art and I'm actually very inspired by YOUR digital scrapping. So, it's a beautiful relationship and I'm thrilled to be able to do this for you... Thanks so much! ;)

Tamara Nicole said...

Awww that's awesome, congrats!

caro said...

Jan is a wonderful choice, Great news Wilna!

Nadine said...

congrats and awesome choice!

but oh no! why would you think that
no one would apply for your call?

I so would be jumping up and down if
there was a call for your ct (:

Bamm-ela said...

Jan seems wonderful. Spirit, strength and humour. Love it! Looking forward to seeing your designs with someone else's interpretation. It will be so neat!

~*{ Michelle }*~ said...

Congrats on having your own design team Wilna - a seriously great achievement! ;) Congrats to Jan as well - you're a lucky girl for getting to play with Wilna's designs indeed!

Diane Dolan said...

I love Jan and you could not have made a better choice for your design team, but even better than her helping your business to grow, Jan has the ability to help you and us grow as well. She's THAT special.

gleestormont said...

I'm from Hawaii and am so happy to see the rest of the world connecting with "bruddah Iz" and his beautiful music. He sings a mean "Mona Lisa" too!!

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sugarnuggets said...

What a beautiful lady Jan seems. You make a great team!