Tuesday, May 18, 2010

home is heart... to me.

I took these pictures a week or so ago... over the mothers-day weekend. I love setting a pretty table and actually the task falls to my girls lately... they love doing it and they do a great job. Who can ever thought that Hydrangeas and roses make such a wonderful little bouquet. Having fresh flowers in my house is never an option for me... it's life and happiness. I love what Nate Berkus says about home: the things you touch everyday must be beautiful. I agree totally with that. I made the Pioneerwoman's coq-au-vin this past weekend for friends and we ate and ate. I think it's one of my favorite recipes in all the world. the aroma when you fry the onions after the meat is divine! And I made something I have never made before: Pioneerwoman's bread pudding...with whiskey sauce.  OMG! we all sat there speechless. Jana calls it wiskey pudding. You have to make it. and you have to use sour dough bread. have to have to have to.

In other news, I have been exercising between 4 and 5 times a week. It's fantastic. I feel great. No, actually i feel amazing. And this from me: who has been promising her husband for the past 10 years that someday i will start. Coming for me: who couldn't even walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing...who couldn't even run 20 steps. But then Jaco started this new program and I saw some changes in his physique that made my legs go numb and then I read the article about the program and my first thought was: I can do that. You don't need a gym, you don't need fancy equipment. All you need is you, your commitment and your fitness level. READ this article! What amazes me every time is the amount of calories I burn AFTER i stop exercising. I would burn about 238 during the 20 mins I train and when I leave my heart rate monitor on i would see an hour after i would have burned up up to 490-520 calories. All i can say is wow.

If you have any PACE questions... post them here and Jaco (also a MD) will answer your questions for you...

talk soon!


caro said...

Thanks for telling us about PACE & wiskey pudding all together! I too have gone from superfit to "sleg". Gonna try this, so we can go hiking as a family!
Thanks Jaco, my Geoff will be so happy about me getting fitter.

caro said...

Oooops! there is one thing. Do you think the supplements are essential or an optional extra?

Jan said...

Your house is so lovely...

I love PW, too! I'm so gonna try the recipes you've recommended.

And, okay, I AM a slug and need to get going here. On your recommendation, I'm ordering the PACE book.

I'll let you know when I've done it for a week, okay? :)


Jfiyah83 said...

the light coming into the window just makes the whole picture. kinda like the Light of the world, huh?