Saturday, June 12, 2010

HAPPY birthday Laura!!!

Today is the 40th birthday of one of the sweetest, kindest, loveliest, awesome-est, nice-est people i know in this world: LAURA VEGAS. We are on the and Making Memories creative teams and we met in person last November and yes, i totally adore her.  I am not at home to post her a card but on holiday in Orlando Florida but Minnie Mouse and Jaco and I are here wishing you the BEST DAY EVER!!!! I love you Laura and i think you totally rock.


Actually we have a birthday blog hop celebration for Laura... so click this link to see the next candle on her cake:


love and a kiss

ps... if you want to start at the beginning of this blog hop: Lynn's Blog HERE.


Jessica said...

Have a awesome time! How fun - say hi to Micky for me! You are so sweet to be a part of this blog hop while on vaca! Thanks for the opp and HB Laura!!

Leslie said...

Wilna, I love how you added Minnie to your picture! Is that a digital Minnie (I want to scraplift this great idea)?


laura vegas said...

awwwww, you're so sweet wilna! i'm blushing a little, reading what you wrote about me! the feeling is mutual, and i honestly think you're the cutest girl ever! i loved meeting you in person, and could sit and listen to your accent and your positive look on life all day! thanks so much for making my day even more special!