Thursday, June 17, 2010

Miami... and birthdays.

Jaco and I will be sharing and spending our 39th birthday celebrations in Miami. What a beautiful place. we are staying in the Westin on the beach (in Fort Lauderdale) thanks to!I think the perfect birthday will be on the beach with a good book. We had pizza tonight at Anthony's coal fired pizza and all i can say is it was the best pizza i ever had. The top picture is the view from our room. :  )
Sunday we are leaving for a 7 day cruise on a Royal Caribbean boat. I am looking forward to it... just to relax. and eat. and exercise.

I am reading the most amazing book: No shortcuts to the top by Ed Viesturs. Oh wow. it's one of those books you just. cant. put. down. I love reading books where the human spirit triumphs. This one is a prime example of said books. I can totally recommend it. :  ) great holiday reading.

Miami is not nearly as hot as Orlando and we loved walking hand in hand on the beach today without sweating profusely.

The score is on the board the resurrection of Jesus from the dead was the final whistle! His Cross = Our sins His resurrection = Our innocence Rom 4 :25 There exists no other gospel nor any other possible interpretation of scripture that can bring faith that transforms life out of darkness and ignorance into His marvelous light; the true light that enlightens every man has come! - Francois du Toit.

love and a kiss


Veronica said...

Wow, sounds like you're having a fantastic holiday Wilna. My family and I are also going cruising soon! We leave on Monday for 5 nights in London and then fly to Barcelona for a 7 night Royal Caribbean Cruise of the Med. So we'll both be cruising, only on opposite sides of the world!

Wendy said...

from a person living in cold and raining ENgland that place looks gorgeous!!!! have a fab time!