Tuesday, June 29, 2010

back in the land...

27 days, 5 countries, 2500 pictures and only 3 pounds later, i am home. This was a wonderful and delightful holiday. To us a once in a lifetime vacation. even though we are already thinking about the next one. Our time in Disney was great! We just had so much fun and we rode every roller coaster in each park more than once. It was incredibly hot and humid and that part is already half forgotten. Here are a few pictures that captures a memory for me:

While in line for the Kali river rapids in the Animal Kingdom, the decor is a visual feast. I think the Asia part of Animal Kingdom is my favorite.
for sure on of my favorite rides. Especially when you sit in the soak seat on a very hot day...like I did.

Having fun with his and hers Mickey Mouse ears in one of the shops.

We ate in Mexico (epcot) one night and wow was the food good. It was FANTASTIC.

Jana had her 9th Birthday and she got all dressed up like a princess at the Bibbity Bobbety Boutique.
Downtown Disney was one of our favorite places and we watched a few Disney movies there in most amazing theaters. It was great.
O'Hanas restaurant in the Polynesian resort. It was one of the best dinners we ever had. I can recommend it again and again.

a very familiar sight. Jaco is Dr sunscreen. love him for that!
A very small world. We met friends in the Animal Kingdom that we knew almost 20 years! So we had dinner together. Stef and Amalia, it was GREAT to see you again!
We did the mount Everest ride probably 9 times. Of which 5 times was consecutive. Gotta love the adrenalin rush.
Tia and Alice. Alice said she loves tea. And that Tia almost sounded like tea.

i will post more soon!
love and a kiss


Nancy W said...

Wilna the trip sounds like it truly was magical! Thanks for sharing it with us and I look forward to seeing and reading more! You looked adorable in that black dress! *hugs from Conroe TX!

caro said...

yay! you're back!

Carmen Pauls Orthner said...

Oh Wilna -- sounds like a fabulous vacation!! I confess to being just a teensy bit jealous... :) We're keeping ourselves busy with a growing baby -- she is a lot bigger and stronger now than when you saw her in March. Thanks once again for hosting Bryan while we were in the city for Sara's hospital stay -- we are truly grateful to you. :) I'll keep an eye on your blog for more vacation photos, so I can enjoy it vicariously. ;) At least you're coming back to decent weather, despite the forest fire smoke...

Roxanne said...

oh! that truly looked like you had a magical time! ;)