Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Miami and the big blue ocean.

My Birthday. We woke up early and had a caramel macchiato on the beach with Jaco. We had a wonderful quiet time with reflection of the past and also what is to come.

Best pizza on earth. Most amazing pizza we ever had. Anthony's coal fired pizza. And this was our birthday dinner. loved. it. all.

Seaworld Orlando was beautiful. and that day was the hottest of the whole trip. It was 44 degrees in the shade and i can honestly say it was the hottest day of my whole entire life. But the 2 over-the-top-rockin roller-coasters made up for it. And the killer whales. and the dolphins. and the sea lions. And the fact that Jana rode both roller-coasters twice: priceless.

bestest friend in the whole wide world.

This ship is BIG: 4200 guests. 15 floors and lots of swimming pools. Huge gym and even an ice rink. Jaco and I did 4 boot camp sessions that burnt 300 calories in 30 minutes. it was great even though we could barely walk for 2 days. he-he. at least the beers and pina coladas was on the house!

Labadee in Haiti. Beautiful beach. We spent the whole day on those chairs reading. Bliss. that's really my idea of holiday.

Table 211 in the Botticelli dining room. every night at 6 we dined together. sometimes that was the first time that day we all saw one another. The best thing about the boat is no one can get lost!

dinner and a show. every night there was a production on the boat which was great. The comedians were our favorites.

my man in Jamaica. boys and toys. :  )

This was Cozumel, Mexico. The girls had their hair braided in Jamaica.

we had a blast. every afternoon we took a nap. we spent lots of time together... not always talking but just hangin' out. reading. relaxing. laughing. it. was. great.

that's it for our vacation pictures. Loved every moment. :  )


Nancy W said...

Amazing! You both looked so happy together! hugs from conroe, tx!

gleestormont said...

Our family cruise to Alaska was a bonding experience I'll never forget. Would definitely recc a cruise vacay to any family!!