Monday, July 19, 2010

Artist trading cards...

I made this page using the Artist trading cards that I designed and is up for sale on 2peas. For some reason or another, I have never mentioned it on my blog. It's also been such a long time since I shared anything creative on my blog... so it's high time! If anyone reading this blog have been thinking of making the switch from Paper to digital (or like in my case: just want to do both!) I want to remind you that I have a great class teaching digital basics on LittleLightStudio. I got my design mojo back and have been really busy. I designed  a new kit for 2 peas that is to "dye" for (and will release July 27th) and I did a project for the Making Memories Blog that I cant wait to show you.

My biggest joy right now comes from having energy! I have been in such a slothful place since we came back from our vacation. One should never take it for granted!
Smiles and lots of love


Beth said...

ooooooooooo so lovely!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniƫlla said...

Oh how lovely!
Thanks for the tip...i am actually diggiscrapping a bit, lately (yeah i do both, i am NOT gonna switch). I canalways do with al little help from Little Light!

Bless you,

Michelle said...

Oh, this is lovely!! What beautiful card designs!! :)