Friday, July 9, 2010

he loves it...

this much:

awwww. and Mac is somewhere there too.

The photoshop action i used on this picture is from coffeeteaphotography actions and is called coffeeshop teeny tiny world. In less than 3 seconds you have a focus area and the rest is blurred. love it...
I loved what Francois wrote:Like the watermark on a paper note, our author’s signature and invisible image is nowhere better preserved or displayed than in our inner consciousness. Our origin traces the very imagination of God. No wonder the whole law is fulfilled in this, that we love our fellow human as we love ourselves!

i am making chicken Alfredo for Dinner + some wine for a Friday night. We have a home weekend with lots of sporting action: The Tour de Lance France is going to the alps this weekend + it's the soccer final on Sunday. I am cheering for Spain just because they made me fall in love with the game.

Oh, and one final thing... those paintings above my bed are mine. I painted them in my final year (1996) of fine arts. There was more of them but they are the only ones that survived.



lawmommyof3 said...

Hi Wilna,
I really love what you've done to your bedroom...I was reading your 39 post the other night and chuckling at some of your points! I am similarly watching the Mentalist series 1 at the moment and your coffee comment made me think of a saying I read, 'no coffee, no workee!' Getting back to the bedroom thing...i started a bedroom redo almost 18mnths ago just before my baby was born, never quite finished it, and now want to do something completely different! I am also trying to start a blog, and love the look of yours. Lots to learn.It's a long comment, I know :-) But, I've been reading your blog for over a year already and I'm making up for my lack of commenting!Liefde van Suid Afrika!

Wilna said...

Hi! I love your comment! : ) we all have some unfinished projects hey? if you want to start a blog I can highly recommend the blog class that I did with Kayla Aimee... it will teach you everything and is self paced... head over to

Vicky said...

Sweet and wonderful photo, Wilna. Also I wanted to tell you how your 'Good News' makes me think, really think some days.
Thank you for sharing :)