Thursday, October 21, 2010

about decluttering and the winners...

what's more beautiful than this girl? She got new glasses last week and i love her geeky look. Maybe the extra layer will hide her beauty for another few years which is fine by me. gorgeous gorgeous girl. Today i am decluttering my scrapbook room. You know THAT room? well, it's only this neat on picture days. Today are one of those days but i guess i have enough pictures already. My husband have a few extra boxes in his garage now, and i know he's not going to like it much but i will bribe him with food and kisses when he discover it. I think the most important thing about decluttering is NOT to be just moving stacks of stuff from here to there, but actually throwing stuff OUT. amen.
In other news Jaku and i discovered prison break and our adrenal glands have been shot ever since. We progressed from season 1 to 4 in a very limited number of weeks and every night can't wait to chase the kids to bed to start our marathon of... suspense and drama. We still have 10 episodes to go and am i ever glad there are only 4 seasons. phew! Oh, and that michael scofield (wentworth miller) is one sexy dude. seriously.

The winners (yes 2!) for Shimelle's class True Stories (read the teacher line up there) are: 
Sarabeth (posted 7:27pm) and  alisa logue (posted 9:17am) please email me and i will get your names to Shimelle asap. Thank you for everyone that left a comment. you are all dolls.

love and a kiss

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