Monday, March 28, 2011

New blog design...

If you read this blog in a reader and or on facebook, i invite you to come and check it out in real mode... i re-designed it and am so happy. I heart blogger.
This blog has come such a long way since i started in 2005.
Good times!


clouds shadler said...

luv the new design of yer blog! hooray!

-C :)

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

I love your blog. It is so sweet and inviting to read. I subscribed to your blog when a friend forwarded it to me to see your studio. I loved everything about your studio and since then I have been following and reading.

Rachel Neil said...

I love your new blog design, it's very peaceful looking.
And it's unique, none like it that i've seen

Sarah MacMillan said...

The new design looks great. It's so much easier to see the tabs at the top of the page (under the header) now. Lovely work once again. You've been blogging since 2005!? Wow! I'm sure I could learn TONS from you.

almadr said...

beautiful design!
congrats to your Girls! - i wish i could see their performances! i love watching dancing - especially modern and jazz routines!
have a great week back home
hope it'll be warm and sunny

Gail said...

Hi Wilna. . . love, love your new blog design - the colours are so soft and whimsical!

By the way I got my pkg in the mail this week. . . it's like Christmas in March - thank you so much for an awesome gift! I'm busy thinking of how I can use all these wonderful goodies. Again, thank you for your generosity, i am truly grateful.

Blessings to you!

Elina The Cleaner said...

Hi I like your new design, it feels more romantic... and i like that your husband's picture on the top of the page cheeky communicates with the name of the blog "HE(art" ("he" ;))
All the best. And thanks a lot for "Bling out your blog" lectures, they helped me immensely. Love, Elina

Beth said...

While browsing blogger, I happened upon your blog and so glad I did. I want to start my own blog but didn't really know where to start. Love all the little touches you have added to make it your own.