Monday, March 28, 2011

away and back again...

 This past week we went on a trip. My girls dance and they had a competition in Regina...300km from our house. and my warm bed. So we loaded up and headed out a few days earlier because we live in this harsh and unforgiving province and sometimes it takes days to trek across the prairies. Lo and behold on Tuesday we set off to Moose Jaw and as usual we didn't check the road conditions. You see the big problem in Saskatchewan is the break up season: when the sun and the snow marries and you have this match made in hell called ice. On said day, another party entered this equation called blowing snow and when we got 100km far from home to Saskatoon, my nerves were shot and i needed wine and prayer. I said to Jaku that he probably will make it to Moose Jaw (another 200km) but I don't think he will make it with me. Because I was in no condition to be a passenger... clutching the car door and whimpering, occasionally calling out because I cannot see the road. Um, no. So, we canceled our stay in Moose Jaw and booked a room in Saskatoon and had some wine and a stress free night. The next morning, the sun glowed outside and actually melted the ice so we can drive in relative peace. You really never know how much you love the heat of the sun until you live on the prairies in melt season.

I did take my camera with and this was sadly the only picture i took. I am such a terrible picture taker. The girls did great in the dance competition. Tia won a gold medal for her Lyrical solo and silver for her ballet solo. Kirstin and her friend won gold for their ballet duet. Almost all their groups won 1st place. And I stand corrected but i think Tia's small lyrical group won an award. Totally made of awesome.

Our stay in Regina was cold. The temperature was around -4℃ but the wind chill was extreme. Jaku says I (always) exaggerate but it literally felt like -45℃ in that wind. The wind blowing in Regina reminded me of the winds in the Cape, South Africa. Plus the cold. yikes.

so Sunday night we came home and hugged  and hugged and hugged our four legged babies... and kissed them plenty. I just had to snap this picture. Mac and Abby is an instant tonic for cold and extreme driving conditions. We all cuddled up and watched 12 episodes of the Big Bang Theory (ok, about 4) and laughed at every line. all is good in the world again. At least the wind is not howling today.

staying warm and wishing for a fast melt season,
love and a kiss

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