Friday, March 18, 2011

Upcoming class...

I am so happy to announce that i am part of this class! it a class that consists of a whole month of working with patterned paper. There are 4 teachers as you can see! I must say that Debbie Hodge is a genius in putting together classes... it's really wonderful working with her and Tami.

The class is very in depth and full of examples. You can read more about it here! &
Register here.

In other news, this weekend we (my girls) have our competition dance rehearsals Saturday and a performance on Sunday. It's so wonderful to have 2 extraordinary organizers in Tia and Kirstin who has everything planned to the last detail: including hair and make up. I am taking my Kindle with me on Saturday... i passed the torch in making buns and doing make-up. But i will probably be taking pictures. That part i don't want to give up... yet. Talk soon!

love and a kiss


Stefanie said...

I signed up when it was all about journaling and must say I have been so blessed, it is totally worth the money. Will be great to see your input. Can't wait!

Isa ♥ said...

Hey, i like your blog very much. (=
It's fantastic!
Mostly the recipe of the desert. It sounds & looks very good, and i'll try to make them.
Thanks! (=