Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today's blog post comes in the style of Today's letters which is one of my daily delights to read.

Dear Blog, i still love you, i really really do. dear week, where on earth did you go? Thursday tomorrow already? Seriously? Dear new job, thank you for filling up my days with new challenges and excitement. dear kids, i appreciate you keeping the house clean. now, go and vacuum. dear THE HELP, i love you. reading hasn't been this much fun in like, for ever. Dear admin person out there, please come to our clinic soon, so I can quit my new job. dear new house, i am looking forward to moving in in a few weeks. dear Tia, thank you for baking pannekoek today. Dear Jana, thank you for reminding me to smile. dear Camera, i am missing you as much as you are missing me. Dear Kirstin, you are dear to me. Now walk on that foot so you can run. Dear iPhone, you are the new love of my life. Dear God, thank you for loving me and being patient with me so i can see things the way YOU see them. Amen.

love and a kiss


gleestormont said...

lovely post wilna! I find summer a bit of a challenge what w/throwing off the old schedule. embrace the joy of chaos!

Amanda Kline said...

Wonderful post. My son just had a surgery and all I can keep on thinking about lately is enjoying the time off from teaching to help him get better and how thankful I am that he is feeling better.

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betsy (pharmgirl) said...

Dear Wilna - i love your blog! I hope you are rescued from the new job soon!

jenjock1 said...

dear wilna,

thank you for being awesome.


Sue Althouse said...

Lovely post. I found your blog through Masterful Scrapbook Design. Just bought a Slice Elite and love your ideas! Now I am your newest follower!

Samhain Moon said...

That's a cute letter!

Enjoy your iPhone. Mom just got one today and I'm helping her run through all the features, but I remain with my Motorola Cliq XT for now. What did you make a switch from? I have a hard time thinking of letting go of my smart phone.