Monday, August 29, 2011

*sticks head around the corner* *waves hand*

dear blog readers... i wish i could say "homies" but that would just not be me. But now you know what i wanted to address you as. {insert smile}. A quick update + a few cool things. This past month i managed the clinic and found an awesome replacement who flew solo today and i am sure she did great. Being at home today was just. the. best. I had a nap on my deck in the sunshine with Mac and Abby at my feet feeling the warmth of the sun and feeling the wind and listening to the wind chime. It was a beautiful moment. Until i remembered that we are moving house this coming week and that i still need to pack up my life. Why does laying on my bed reading a Michael Connelly novel sounds like so much more fun than packing in?
We are moving to a house across town. It's a beautiful place and i have been living there in my heart for the past 2 months. Which means that i stopped living in this house. which means that it's still in a state of chaos. Possession date is wednesday and then we are laying a new carpet in the living room down stairs. Our furniture move is scheduled for next week Tuesday. {insert impatience here}.

A few things that will make you smile:
that's all for now. over and out.

love and a kiss


Jan C. said...

Thanks for helping me start the day out with excellent advice AND some laughs!

Hope your move goes well and some kind friend brings dinner to your door the day of your move so that you don't have to eat McDonald's or figure out which box your skillet is in. ;-)

One teensy little comment about the latest redesign of your blog: I can't see the pale pink and blue very well at all on my screen (MacBook with brightness turned to max). So when you post links, it really just looks like blank spots in the middle of your text. lol, I had trouble figuring out how to comment because I couldn't see the link until I basically hovered over everything at the bottom of your post. So maybe I'm the only one this is happening to and someone can give me a hint how to adjust my computer; or maybe it's happening to lots of people and you would want to know about that? In any case, written with love!

MAAC said...

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