Friday, March 2, 2012

2Ps Challenge...

Live... by Wilna

So, this week on 2 peas i am hosting a fun challenge! Click here to check it out! And play with! I love challenges... it helps with the mojo.
Today we are babysitting our friend's baby schnauzer (well, he is already as big as Abby) and it's been so much fun watching the 3 of them. They are like one big ball of fur... going around together... all. the. time. Hilarious, actually. Mac is dumbstruck. He feels super uncomfortable and Abby thinks Dexter is her toy. love my dogs! This weekend Jaco is working and I have a baby shower and some projects to do. Love working in my studio over weekends... i think it's because there are less distractions. Talk soon!

love and a kiss

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