Monday, March 5, 2012

Garden seed + Monday musings.

This week Monday come a day too early... do you feel like that sometimes? I am still ready to take it slow, read and play a bit. But alas, i had to purposefully get out of bed this morning and do my exercises and get to work. This weekend was a blissful one. We had a baby shower for a friend, and had dinner with friends that we have been trying for a while to get together. Other than that we watched Johnny English and cried as we laughed. What a tonic.

In Saskatchewan, spring is on it's way with temperatures above the 0 mark in the day (degrees celcuis). You will not hear me complain. We had an incredible winter with only one really cold week.  And that is what this page is all about:

Tomorrow I have a fun (artsy) tutorial on October Afternoon's blog.
love and a kiss



Mel said...

This is gorgeous - I love the butterflies and the overlay with the birdies! Great pic too!

Janka said...

A wonderful layout again. I love the many butterflies and the birds on wire and the left corner above the photo... And of course, the photo itself is a masterpiece :)

sophie said...

love all the details here! am a great fan of your creations! love the craft on white and birdies!!

Charlene said...

What a beautiful page!! I love your work Wilna :-)