Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Every now and then, i will see/read/watch something that makes my heart soar. Sometimes, it's a hard truth that makes me blink. Sometimes it's an image that makes me laugh out loud or makes me think about life. I want to share a few with you today:

1. Number one on this list is Marc and Angel. wow. if you don't know it... rush and run. There's so many lists. One of my favorites is 30 things to start doing for yourself.
2. This post by Karen Russel. Can't crochet. Just so raw and real.
3. BIGGEST TEAHUPOO EVER. This is a type of wave. Awesome video. what fascinates me to no end, it the fact that the human spirit will cause people to actually ride this wave. Incredible.
4. Lesson #2: Don't Carpe Diem. One thing that i can say about this post is that this is how I have lived my life. It puts it into perfect words for me.
5. Sex, marriage and fairytales. This video might just save your marriage. Love.

For Shimelle's class: Lauren said... Ooh I'd like to enter - she used to teach me English as a kid so in sure this would be amazing!! 2:12 PM. LAUREN... please email me personally.. with your 2peas username.

For Amy Tan's class: ruth said... Raising my hand....I love Amy Tan too! :) 6:40 PM. RUTH, email me too please... with your 2peas name.
Thank you for playing! I am knee deep playing with my new Cameo Silhouette and making stuff! I am creating a bunch of pages for this month's Design Teams assignments. Love it all.

Also, my creative space is featured on the new 2Peas blog today...

 love and a kiss

Something fun.

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