Monday, June 18, 2012

Jaco's Birthday...

Today is Jaco's birthday. A warm and happy birthday to you, my love. My prayer is that contentment will be your habitation and that your wealth and happiness will well up like a fresh fountain in your heart and soul. i love you.

This is a fitting page to share here today. It's new to the garden today and i don't think i need to say more... : )

and the winner of Lisa's workshop is:
Amanda Johnson said...I love Lisa's style, and would love a spot in this class! Thanks for the chance! My 2peas name is gracehope.

love and a kiss

ps...who doesn't like a sale? I do!




sophie said...

love love this! and happy birthday to the birthday man!!

BlueOrchys said...

Your layout is really gorgeous !!! Love it !!