Tuesday, June 19, 2012

today i turn 41

 a few things i know for sure:

*life is suffering sometimes
*life does not have to be perfect for me to be happy
*Contentment and gratitude is the fiercest fear fighters.
*do a gratitude audit often
*drink coffee
*drink coffee with friends
*don't drink your calories
*do the previous point always except sometimes
*sometimes = then drink wine : )
*appreciate the people in your life more
*give more than you get
*don't sweat the small stuff (really)
*don't take anything personally
*stop assuming stuff. ask questions.
*life is made up of little amazing moments
*love in words too.
*eat cake on your birthday.(yes!)

i want to thank each and every one of you who visit/follow/occasionally/often read this blog. even though i don't know you... i DO. i love and adore you more than words.

love and a kiss


Maria said...

Happy birthday!!!!! Have a nice day!!!! :)
Kisses from Barcelona!!!!

Chel said...

I'm a reader but never commented before, and I wanted to know I appreciate you and the inspiration you share. Thank you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

sophie said...

joyeux anniversaire! hope i could share some of your cake! hugs from France!

April said...

Happy Birthday!! Your list would make some awesome journaling on a layout. ;)

Latonia Grant said...

Happy Birthday!

Krista said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Trine Brandt-Lassen said...

Hope you have a fantastic Day!

Kimberly White said...

Happy Birthday Wilna! Thanks for sharing your heart! You inspire me! Kimberly White

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, blessing :-)

Giselle said...

Happy Birthday, blessing :-)

julie e said...

What great advice! Have a happy day.

Ana said...

Happy birthday Wilna! I wish you all the happiness in the world! Greetings from Brazil.

karennarelle said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a magical day. Best wishes from Australia

sherry said...

Happy birthday! My twin sister and I celebrated 41 on June 19th, too.

Anonymous said...

A bit belayed but sincere Happy Birthday! I adore your work and good vibrations you share here - thank you!

cutiephinphin said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your creativity.

Be blessed always :)

gleestormont said...

hey, my husband and i have back to back birthdays, too!! (july 26 and 27, I'm first)

Jan C. said...

Since you mention gratitude in your layout, I have a belated birthday present for you: check out www.grateful160.com. You can sign up for an online gratitude journal and if you want, you can get an email reminder 3x a day asking you "what are you grateful for now?" You reply to the email, and it keeps track. At the end of the week you will get a summary email listing all the things you said you were grateful for. It's a really awesome way to take a couple of minutes morning, noon, and night to remember to appreciate something in your life!

Marie-Precieuse said...

I just listened to you on the paperclipping round table (episode 103 I believe), came to check out your blog, found that list, loved it!! :) happy belated birthday! And thanks for the inspiration of your blog and on the round table. :)