Friday, August 30, 2013


Jaco pointed it out to me this week that there are way more green leaves than orange ones left on the trees and while I am so happy for these last few lazy summer days, I am looking forward to the routine of fall. All 3 the girls will be going to school this year and I simply think it is just time. 
I homeschooled them for the past 5 years and I got to a point where my work became more and more and I needed more uninterrupted creating time and since Tia did so well in school last year we decided to give the other 2 the same experience. They can't wait for school to start and neither can I. I started painting again and I want to make it a bigger focus. So happy when everything works out for the best.
Lately I have been discovering about myself more and more that I need breathing space and I definitely do not need to fill my schedule to the brim. I need to leave enough time to read and create and simply be. This sounds like common sense... yet, we do not do it often enough. Someone once said: to know and not to do is not to know. This past summer I soaked up the sun and swam in the lake. We made fires and had picnics and to date it certainly is one of the most memorable summers since we came to canada. I am taking nothing for granted. I am thankful for every good thing in my life.


Wilna Furstenberg

ps... the winner of the last give away is: Cathy Ledbetter (please email me!)

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