Thursday, May 1, 2014

New on 2peas today... :)

I just want to share the new products that I created for 2peas that will go on sale today! I loved creating the printable files and they are my favorite. Please forgive me if I make a few pages this month using them. The printables come in 2 sizes: 3x4 cards and 3x3 squares. You can re-size the 3x3's to fit a 8.5x11 letter paper and print the squares smaller... Either way, they are sweet and fresh and hopefully you will love them just as much as I do.

You can click on the pictures here to take you to the 2peas shop. As you can see, there's a lot of cut files and then the 2 printables. All I can say is that I love creating these!

New 2peas stuff:

Also, right now I have a sale on for my Lightroom 4 class. I had some questions about the way I edit my photos and this is honestly the program I use and one of the things I teach you in the class is how to do a simple edit. I use this exact technique to edit my photos. I love Lightroom. I cannot imagine my life without it. This class is a very good entry point into Lightroom and even though it's geared towards you making the most of displaying your scrapbook pages, You can apply the principles to photos too. I was just thinking today that I use this exact process every. single. week to make my scrapbook pages look their best. For $12 right now, this is a worthwhile investment. :) click this link to the LR4 class and go and read the extensive description about the class.

My nephew (my Brother's son) is visiting us right now and I love hanging out with him as much as I can. So today he will experience Walmart. He is in for a (cough-cough) treat. bwahahaha... so much for sight seeing! See you soon!

Love and a kiss
Wilna Furstenberg


Leslie M. said...

How different is lightroom from Aperature? Could I use info from your class? Thanks!

Wilna said...

Hi Leslie! I have no idea! I have never used aperture at all. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Christine Cieri said...

Love these cut files! :)

Christine Cieri said...

Oo also, I did a layout with one of the cut files but your April gallery is closed to add to. Will there be a may gallery to upload to? Thanks! :)

Heather DG said...

Oooh, your printables are so lovely! Enjoy the soft colors and the line art. Dreamy!

Thank you for the discount for your Lightroom class...I've been looking at photo software options to get our photos organized and have had my eye on Lightroom. Have been wanting to sign up for your class to get a feel for it before purchasing.

Wilna said...

@Christine Cieri I will make a May Gallery soon then you can add it there! xoxo

Alexes Marie Brown said...

Hey Wilna, will this class be helpful for someone who has lightroom 3?

thanks for being so amazing!!

kdgowdy said...

Wilna, I just worked thru your LR class. I am pretty well versed in LR5 but have not used the book module or print module too much!

I worked thru the entire lesson this weekend and learned some new tricks! Thanks for the tips ~ always love learning something new!

I have also signed up for BOTH art classes through a recommendation of a friend! I think you just might be my new 'crush' your style!