Monday, March 27, 2006

and today

is not over and here is my post. i actually scrapped today and only did one page but can sigh with relief because i can still remember how to do it. it's now 09:56pm and the dryer is working and i have just finished cleaning the house (just tiding)... because tomorrow marian and i are going to saskatoon. i am going scrapbook shopping as i am actually using up my supplies and she is going clothing shopping. i am so excited at the thought of going into a scrapbook store. have i mentioned that there is not one in PA? and saskatoon is 120km away. well tecnically, there is a store here that sells scrapbook supplies, but not what's hot and new. so YAY! for shopping. i won us$750 worth of scrapbook supplies with HOF (and us$500 cash), but i don't know when that's going to come and i can't wait another week. i have a wishlist at the moment for a few high tec things...1. an 12" applemac notebook with lots of gig. 2. a Nikon D70 3. adobe photo elements 4. ipod. oh, just to add i am not in a hurry to get the stuff... only the camera is constantly a wish (i must declare it was my own desicion that i dont have one yet... but that will be a story to tell later). i am also in the process of getting a trademark registered for my art. that's going to be so cool. i hope it work out good. AND then i am thankful today. just for the little things like 6 degrees outside. oh man, it's GREAT! and for ceaser chicken salad that i totally love, that the kids can play outside in the melting snow, that i can leave a door open for fresh air and not freez over. for johann that had his birthday today and totally loved his presents. we took them out to lunch and they took us out to dinner. and i had chicken ceaser salad both times. i am thankful that i have lost 6 weeks of weight. yep. its been almost 6 weeks that i am on "eating right again" and i feel fantastic and energetic and the occational "downs" are occuring less and less. i have lost 10 pounds...YAY!!

so, the conclusion of this writing tonight is that God is good all the time and all the time God is good. I want to leave you with a thought from the word that you can ponder and meditate on the next day or so:

Psa 32:2 Count yourself lucky-- GOD holds nothing against you and you're holding nothing back from him. When I kept it all inside, my bones turned to powder, my words became daylong groans. The pressure never let up; all the juices of my life dried up. Then I let it all out; I said, "I'll make a clean breast of my failures to GOD." Suddenly the pressure was gone-- my guilt dissolved, my sin disappeared. These things add up. Every one of us needs to pray; when all hell breaks loose and the dam bursts we'll be on high ground, untouched. GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore, throws garlands of hosannas around my neck. Let me give you some good advice; I'm looking you in the eye and giving it to you straight:

so, have a great day, know that i love you
hug and a kiss


Heather said...

I just have to say you are one of the sweetest persons I have met online in a long time! You seem so genuine and I just love the verses and thoughts you put on your blog! And too cool that you and your hubby are the same age as us...too bad you didn't live closer! Maybe someday we can meet! I love that I met you through winning hof because I don't know that our paths would have neccisarily crossed. :) Have a wonderful day of shopping and hope you find some fun new things!

Family Tales said...

Well, I love the way you journal, 'cause I get to make pictures in my head. I miss the kids. Wish I was there. Shop well, and your wishlist sounds very nice, I also want the notebook, the camara and a plane ticket.. Not neccesarily in that order...
Love ya me

Jenn said...

Wilna! You are just the sweetest of the sweetest! What a beautiful and inspirational blog you have! I'm so enchanted by your artwork! I wish I had some ledger paper to send you! LOL~enjoy your shopping trip!

Me in the east said...

I came, I saw and I .....oops what was the rest, oh yes, I loved your blog today.
Have an awesome day!

rosagirl said...

So glad I found you! GREAT post. Thank you for the inspiration. :)

Lisa G said...

Hello my friend. We are still holding on here and trusting God for a miracle. Please continue to pray for us.
Hey, we are both losing weight I see. I have dropped 9 lbs since Mike has been gone.
Best of luck on the trademark.
Love you and hugs, I will talk to you soon...Lisa

Crystal said...

You are such a precious person. I am so happy for you. I just wanted to say that you will LOVE that camera. I was able to get a D50 with all my Christmas squeezed together, and it is great!

Mary Mac said...

Wilna - i would love to hear about your sbing purchases. And the Nikon D70 you will love. I have one and it makes me happy just looking at it.

I think you have a great outlook on life. I wish you could teach me. Or maybe we could just go for coffee and you would inspire me to better ways of thinking.