Friday, March 24, 2006

The Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame 2006

Look AND listen to the action and please, please, please don't think me stupid.(if you knew how my heart was beating and how nervous i was you won't): HERE


then i just want to say

I am Wilna Furstenberg
This is Mrs. Darcy to me…
Thank you Lord, for making Psalm 37:4 true in my life
Thank you Jaku for being my fiercest critic and fan
Thank you Maryna for being my fiercest fan and friend
Thank you Jeannette Macintosh for introducing me to scrapbooking
Thank you Lisa Guidry for predicting me
Bravo to Andrea Gibson for matching things up (please let me know HOW?)
I am proud to be a South African
I am proud to be a buckethead
I am humbled to be honored among giants

THIS is my biggest secret and I hope it made you smile.

I *he{art}* you peas. The pub rocks. CK rocks.

love and a kiss



Family Tales said...

Hi there, I came I looked, I tried to listen, but for some reason could not. It made me cry...
Ek wil daar wees, om jou te hug, om te share in jou big moment, om in awe te wees van jou. Ek besef vannaand, that no matter how hard we've tried, I am so out of touch. Who's Mrs Darcy, Lisa Guidry, Andrea Gibson... I miss knowing it all. I miss you.

Linda said...

Wilna, YOU ROCK!!!!

Yours was the only call I listened to, and you sound as sweet as I imagined you to be. I am so proud of you! I can't wait to see your work in HOF!

Love in Christ,

P.S. I just borrowed Pride & Prejudice from the library. Hope to watch it this weekend!

Family Tales said...

Hi there, I'm gonna have lunch at Erika today, and I'm gonna get to listen to your call!! Now that ROCKS!! I am so proud of you..

Ma said...

HOF- MEMBER"S mother said: Mooi my skat. Im so proud of you. Wish you here to hug. Me and Dad both cried when we heard your voice. MA

Mary Mac said...

Wilna - you were so dang cute on your call! I read your mum's comment and I smiled to myself - so sweet!

Family Tales said...

I did smile, not only at Calvin and Hobbs, but when I got to listen to your phone call. It was so you, so sweet, so shocked, so jummy. Have to say, HOF is SO not enough reason to be so far away, so, you better make it big, I'm watching you...

Anonymous said...

Hi daar Wilna. Dis Mari, ek het uiteindelik by jou blogger uitgekom. Sal nou eers als lees en dan sommer lekker lang comments skryf. Lief jou

madelein said...

Hallo, daar, sjoe maar jy het die mooiste foto's hier. Ek wil vinnig met jou in aanraking kom, kan jy my asb jou tel nr stuur sodat ek jou nou kan bel?? assebliefie