Monday, June 19, 2006

All about HER birthday!

sigh! it started with Tim hortons-coffee-and-breakfast-sandwich in bed. and a heap of presents! i haven't taken any pics... will post later! jaku compiled a list of the ABC of wilna and wrote the most amazing things of me!! DANG that MAN... He is THE MAN!!!!!!!! and then on the HOF message board the girls are so kind in their wishes! i just LOVE YOU HOF-girls!!!
AND on 2 peas they are posting me some CARDS! i am like freaking out!!!!! This is the BEST! having a great day. still in bed with my pj's. have to get up and hurry Jana to her graduation!

love you!!

*wearing a BIG smile!*


Roxy Roller said...

Hope you have a blessed, beautiful day on your birthday!

me said...

My beautiful friend. I miss you. I am so glad you are having a wonderful birthday. You are the GIRL... I have been telling everybody I know that I have a cover girl friend and that she is actually no 1 in the HOF mag as she is on the cover page. Love ya tons

Sophia said...

Happy birthday wishes...

From a cold winter's night in Durban, South Africa.

I hope it was a good one...mine is not too far away now, counting the days too, as I also just love birthdays...!!!

So happy, you also made the cover, that is so awesome!!!