Friday, September 1, 2006

I *heart* K I Memories


i am a finalist in CELEBRATE LIFE IN COLOR competition!!!!

{insert screaming here}

just won me an ipod and a few other goodies.

OK, deep breath. this is the 3rd time i am editing this post. my hands are shaking and i am smiling myself a headache. I don't know if you remember the 27th of July post? well, it's that album. i am thankful and quite frankly overwelmed. totally. thank you Lord. You amaze me.

TIFFANY, my GREAT funny, fellow Hall of famer is also a finalist. i actually emailed her earlier to find out if the calls hadn't started cause i got a glimps of her album and i tell you, i KNEW she was a done deal. she is a finalist in the Scrapbooker of the year competition too. so TIFF, YOU GO GIRL. what a year for you. wow.

this proofs that a winner never quit. this was my 3rd album competition and the first time i got some love. Kim and Ira phoned me and i screamed their ears off. the people probably think i am not all there. i don't care. i just smile. i got me a ipod.

oh, and GUESS who got me the goodies? YEP. Jaku went to superstore after work (9pm) to get me the flowers and the ipod guide. he is *THE* best.

{insert screaming again}


Angelia said...

SO VERY HAPPY for you, girl!!

Lisa G said...

No doubt at ALL!!! Yep, I'm still jumping up and down, lol
Congrats to my most talented awesome friend in the whole wide planet!!!!

.freckled.nest. said...

hi! congratulations!!
lol. my throat hurts from screaming so much in excitement! lol. (i'm a finalist too)
this is so exciting!!

Candice Greenway said...

Woo Hoo!!!
You're on a roll girl :o)
So very thrilled for you!
Enjoy your new toy - ipods rock, I *heart* my pink one so much I don't go any where without it, LOL!
And ten out of ten to Jaku for being such a great guy!


sarah said...

congrats. you so totally deserve it, your stuff is awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Well, done, you awesome, amazing woman.. although, this should have been the easiest album.. your life is in full color all the time!! Praise God, for giving you the talent and showing you how to use it. I'm still proud of you, YouRyna