Friday, September 1, 2006

oh man,

love these Rhonna Farrer digi stuff that you can get HERE. got mine this morning. that's why it's past 10am and i am still in pj's. and it's a NEW DAY and a NEW MONTH and a NEW SEASON. in south africa, SPRING is coming and here beautiful, flaming fall. YAY. my favorite season. and no, i dont have a split personality because of all the banner changes, it's just that making banners is the most fun at this stage with digi-stuff. i am not yet going over with my scrapbooking, but as soon as the apple come, i just might. i know, MARYNA, i said Never. but one thing i have learned the past year is to NEVER say never.

{insert smile here}

heart and soul


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Anonymous said...

Wow, i'm impressed. I like's it alot.. Shocked about this digi-statement thing though!!!