Wednesday, October 18, 2006

And the RAK WINNERS are:

i still have the red box with the numbers in them. so i reached in (for the HOF book) and out comes number 1!!! SOPHIA!! I am sending you a book!! i will be sending it with a friend who is going to SA Oct 26. Please let me know where you live and your address!

for the other 2 RAKS i drew numbers 5 and 12. and the names are: Amy Coose and Lisa Stead!! WHOOOHOOOOO! Please email me and we can talk some details!

Talk tomorrow again


Sophia said...

Oh Wilna, TAHNKS so much for drawing my number, feeling lucky today.


Will email me address.

Maryna said...

BOOOHOOO! There, i said it for everyone who did not get picked... we are all in tears.. How's mom and dads visit?? when we seeing some photos???

Amy Coose said...

WOOHOO!!! Thanks, Wilna. I sent you an email!!

Lisa Stead said...

LOL, what did I win??? I don't even know what a RAK is....I feel so dumb LOL!